Kathy Hilton Asks Husband Rick to Rescue Her From RHOBH Girls Trip: Report

Kathy Hilton

Bravo Kathy Hilton

Kathy Hilton used social media to get a message to her husband while traveling with the cast of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

In a screenshot shared by Queens of Bravo, the socialite, 62, appeared to have commented on a post that her husband, Rick Hilton, shared on Instagram. After the Hilton and Hyland chairman posted a simple “TGIF” message over the weekend, his wife frantically commented, “Please call me I need to get out of here now!!!!!”

Both the post and Kathy Hilton’s alleged comment have since been deleted, but the plea for help in getting home was posted while Hilton was in Aspen, Colorado filming a girls trip for the Bravo reality show.

Hilton, as well as her sister Kyle Richards and co-stars Lisa Rinna, Dorit Kemsley, Erika Jayne, Garcelle Beauvais, Sutton Stracke, Crystal Kung Minkoff Diana Jenkins, and Sheree Zampino spent several days in Aspen last week.

In an update posted by Queens of Bravo, a source for DeuxMoi alleged that Hilton had a “full meltdown” and was crying and throwing things during the Aspen trip. The source claimed Hilton later locked herself in her room after yelling at staffers for not gaining her the “VIP treatment” at the cast’s lodging facilities.

Fans Were Confused by Kathy Hilton’s Plea for Help

In response to Queens of Bravo’s post, which asked, “Kathy was caught leaving late-night comments on Rick Hilton’s IG. What happened in Aspen?!?,” fans were confused as to why the Hilton matriarch would post such a message on her husband’s social media page.

“Lmao @KathyHilton communicating for help via Instagram,” one fan commented, adding a crying-laughing emoji.

“Why can’t she just private msg him instead?” another commenter asked.

“I’m sorry, but this is absurd,” another wrote. “She has no means to just leave on her own? She doesn’t have his phone number? Please.”

“Her sister was there to help her, why would she need her husband?” another fan wanted to know. “She also has $300 million, I think she could call a taxi or an Uber to the airport or just go to the nearest Hilton to stay. She doesn’t have his phone number? I say it’s for publicity.”

While some fans felt the whole thing seemed “fake” and as a way to call attention to “drama” taking place in Aspen with the RHOBH cast, longtime fans know that Hilton hasn’t always used conventional communication methods. During a guest spot on Sirius XM’s “Lunch with Bruce” podcast, Hilton revealed that she used to call a New York City news desk to get information on her own daughter, Paris Hilton.

“I used to call the city desk at the New York Post,” she revealed. “I would call the city desk and say at 1 in the morning, ‘Excuse me, hi, it’s Kathy Hilton. Uh, do you by any chance know Paris, where she is right now?’ “Usually, they’d be able to track exactly.”

There Has Been Drama Reported During the RHOBH Cast Trip

It’s unclear exactly why Hilton wanted to be rescued from the RHOBH cast trip, but there have been rumors that some major drama went down with other members of the cast on Friday night and Saturday morning of last week.

In a lengthy Twitter thread, an eyewitness revealed that several of the cast members, including Hilton, were spotted filming in an Aspen coffee shop and were overheard saying things got “ugly” with co-star Erika Jayne when a huge fight took place the night before.

Hilton previously told Town and Country that she tries to be a peacemaker when there is cast drama, which makes her plea to “get out of here now” even more confusing.

“I try to be somewhat of a peacemaker,” she said in the 2021 interview. “I’m very good at helping people. I think maybe I was a therapist or a psychiatrist in my past life. They trust me, they talk to me, and I like to help them with any advice I can give.  …And I’m pretty good at it.”

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