Kathy Hilton Explains Why She Wore a Tablecloth For a Dress

Kathy Hilton

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Kathy Hilton made a creative fashion statement.

The 62-year-old “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star capped off her stint as a co-host of a Children’s Hospital LA Christmas in September charity event at The Abbey in West Hollywood by going out to dinner with friends.

But she changed up her look sometime during the night, and her new look left fans puzzled.

Here’s what happened:

Hilton Was Spotted Wearing What Appeared To Be a White Tablecloth

Hilton posed for photos at the Christmas-themed charity event wearing a stylish red tweed dress and matching heels.

According to Page Six, after the charity event, Hilton and pals Faye Resnick, Elliott Mintz and others dined at the Los Angeles restaurant Craig’s. When Hilton entered the upscale eatery, she was wearing the red tweed dress that she posed in during the charity event, But by the time she exited Craig’s, Hilton was wearing what looked like a white tablecloth twisted into a toga.

ET Online reported that photographers outside the restaurant questioned Hilton and her friends about her ensemble and were told she was wearing “Vera, not Wang.”

Hilton Posted a Lengthy Explanation About Her Hunky Dory High Fashion


Hilton later posted a lengthy video to her Instagram page to give her followers the whole story about her quick-change routine. In the clip, Hilton revealed that a lot of people had been calling her and asking he about her “dress” from the other night and she wanted to set the record straight on exactly what happened.

“I want to spill the tea directly to you,” Hilton told her social media followers.

Hilton explained that she and her daughters Paris and Nicky attended the Christmas in September gala at the Abbey, which started at 5 p.m. The event had a large turnout and she participated in a long meet and greet.

“It was so hot,” she said. “And I was onstage actually participating for two hours in the auction and was roasting and roasting and roasting,  And the dress I had on…this is a wool dress. It’s wool!…it’s all wrinkled because I was roasting in this dress. “

Hilton said that there was “wall to wall” people at the event and she could not move and began to overheat while wearing the dress.

“The whole thing was literally sticking to me,” she said, adding that she was unable to even get a drink because she was so busy raising money for charity.

Hilton then introduced her best friend Vera, whom she also described as her “designer.” She explained that after the charity event, the group went across the street to get a burger, and she was still so hot she had to take her dress off. Hilton’s friend Vera then grabbed a tablecloth and worked her magic by draping the cloth over her from the back.

“She made the tablecloth like it was a sarong from the south of France,” Hilton said.

The “RHOBH” alum, who revealed she also took out her hair extensions while at the restaurant,  said she was grateful for her friend’s solution.

”It was either that or Hunky Dory would have to go home,” she joked. “So that was it. What can I tell you?  I didn’t have my fan with me and Hunky Dory was roasting.”

Fans  and friends reacted to Hilton’s story in the comment section, including her dining partner Mintz who wrote, “It was a creative wardrobe transition and might set a fashion trend.”

“You are very resourceful mom.” wrote Hilton’s daughter Nicky.

“That’s hot! You are too funny! Love you Mom!” added Paris Hilton.

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