‘Real Housewives’ Star Is ‘Starting Over’ After Relapse

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Pixabay A "Real Housewives" star has relapsed amid her sobriety journey.

Former full-time “Real Housewives” star Katie Rost revealed that she has relapsed after going to rehab. Rost, who appeared as a full-time star on season 1 of the Potomac franchise and has appeared on and off in various roles since, previously revealed that she was entering a rehab facility to help her with an addition to “alcohol and Adderall.”

She has since completed the program and appeared to be on the right track before having a setback.

“I relapsed, I had decided to abstain from drugs, white claw and Adderall, and sex , tonight I failed in one of those. I did what I should went immediately to a meeting. But yup, starting over: day 1 #recovery,” Rost tweeted on February 8, 2023.

Here’s what you need to know:

Katie Rost Received a Great Deal of Support From Social Media Users

Following Rost’s announcement, several people showed her grace and support as she navigates the various challenges that she’s been facing.

“Girl one day doesn’t define your journey !!! Tomorrow is a new day, a new chapter,and a fresh start ! We are rooting for you,” one person wrote.

“The important thing is that you were honest with yourself and didn’t try to rationalize it as insignificant. Best wishes on day 1 and the rest of them!” someone else added.

Rost responded to the above comment, saying that she didn’t do anything “epic bad” but that she was still having a hard time with the fact that she relapsed.

“Relapse is a part of recovery babe. Don’t be down on yourself as ling as you can learn from it, find what triggered you and work on it. I believe in you. Recovery is hard but you’re honest with yourself & us all, and standing in your truth is the most important when recovering,” read a third tweet.

Rost admitted that her setback isn’t “the end of the world,” but continued to express disappointment in herself.

Katie Rost Started an In-Patient Rehab Program in Late 2022

In November 2022, Rost shared an update on her sobriety journey as she had entered a 30-day in-patient facility.

“Full disclaimer: I have never been a huge fan of hospitals. They scare me,” she captioned an Instagram post. She went on to say that the hospital that she was at was “so clean” and that the staff was “attentive and kind.”

“It REALLY matters where you are for treatment! Thankyou [sic] to the people who fought to get me here. Only 27 days to go,” she added.

A few days later, Rost shared the results of a FibroScan that she had done on her liver. “The tech said it’s healthy and ‘perfect,'” Rost wrote.

In January 2023, after she was back home, Rost provided another update for her fans, saying that she had gained “exactly 20 pounds.” Days later, she shared a picture of her arm that was covered in words that she applied with some type of marker.

“I always wondered why people tattoo themself. Until today….sometimes you need a reminder written on your flesh….. and you can’t find a piece of paper…. ‘half measures availed me nothing,'” she captioned the snap.

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