Is Kelly Dodd Fired?

Kelly Dodd

Getty Kelly Dodd in 2017

The Real Housewives franchise enjoys switching things up, including the cast members. The Real Housewives of Orange County might be shaking up their cast. RHOC cast member Kelly Dodd is addressing rumors that she is leaving the Bravo franchise. Dodd first began her time on RHOC on season 11 in 2016.

The Bravo fan account @iliveforbravo captured Dodd replying to a fan’s comment. A fan wrote under a post, “You got fired for questioning masks and supporting trump?! Braunwyn admits to trying to get a 14 year old drugs and she’s given a kleenex? she should be gone!” Dodd replied to the follower, “pretty much.”

Dodd also left a suggestive comment on another Instagram post. A fan commented on a post from an RHOC producer, as captured by the Bravo fan account @QueensofBravo on Twitter, “They better not fire you, [Dodd] people are fed up with cancel culture. Love you and your husband together!” Dodd replied to the user’s comment, “it’s likely to happen.”

Even though Dodd has seemingly insinuated that she had been fired, she changed her stance on her comments. Dodd took to Twitter to address firing rumors. She tweeted on Friday, January 29, “No I am not fired !!! Contacts haven’t come out yet ! Vicki stop being a hater ..” Neither Bravo nor Dodd have publicly discussed the RHOC season 16 cast.

Dodd Was Recently Fired From Another Place of Work

While it’s still up in the air if Dodd will return to RHOC, one decision has been made for her. Dodd has been fired from Positive Beverage. Dodd was a partial owner of Positive Beverage, per her now deleted Instagram bio, a company selling healthy electrolyte beverages.

Dodd announced she was leaving the company on Sunday, January 31. “I’m glad I could help put Positive Beverage on the map and wish them well,” Dodd tweeted on Sunday, January 31. “I’m also really excited about my next venture in the beauty industry, which is my real passion. Stay tuned!” Dodd has been working with Positive Beverage for the last two years, and she announced she owned a stake in February 2019.

Positive Beverage also released a statement on their Instagram Story on Sunday, January 31. The beverage company released a four-part Story starting with two slides writing, “2020 taught us that words have power and listening can unite…we listened to you, and have an important action to share…”

The Instagram Story then cut to, “‘Our core values of wellness, community, diversity and inclusion should be reflected by our brand and anyone associated with it,’ head of Brand Zach Muchnick comments, ‘it has become clear over the past few months that Kelly’s controversial views and opinions have distracted from our primary objectives, so effective today, we are no longer affiliated with Kelly Dodd-Leventhal.’”

The next Instagram Story slide read, “‘We welcome all people – however they are and whatever they are passionate about – to Positive Beverage,’ says CEO Shannon Argyros, ‘but there must always be an underlying layer of respect. Unfortunately, we feel Kelly’s stance is no longer congruent with our core values. We appreciate her contributions during our affiliation, and she will always be a part of Positive Beverage’s history, but we do not align with her opinions or global views while we uphold our own values and the values of our customers.’”

Positive Beverage ended their statement writing, “thank you for standing by us as we share positivity, wellness, and and health with the world.”

Dodd Said She Would Only Return to RHOC if This Cast Member Was Fired

If Dodd were to return to RHOC, she stated that she would only do it on one condition. She went on Instagram Live earlier this week, as captured by the @QueensofBravo Instagram account. Dodd said that she would not return for season 16 if fellow RHOC cast member Braunwyn Windham-Burke came back.

“I know I cannot film with Braunwyn,” she said. “I know for a fact that I cannot film with her. There’s just no way and if she comes back then I’m out because I know for a fact that I cannot. She’s dangerous and calling people racists and homophobic.”

Dodd and Windham-Burke have had falling outs both on and off screen. The tension between the two women escalated when Dodd accused Windham-Burke of using her sobriety for a storyline. She has also commented on Windham-Burke’s decision to announce she identifies as a lesbian and has a girlfriend while still married to her husband Sean Burke.

Dodd continued saying, “And … saying I’m a bad mom, I’m running around, like, traveling, well I was traveling, yes, but I was also selling two homes. And thank God I did because I’d be stuck with four mortgages, right?”

She finalized her thoughts saying, “If I’m coming back next year, I just can’t come back next year filming with somebody so reckless. I just can’t. If she’s on, I’m probably out. So, that’s probably the way it goes. And by the way, she says she couldn’t film with me, so there you go.”

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