Kelly Dodd Shares Update About Feud With Heather Dubrow

Bravo/YouTube Heather Dubrow and Kelly Dodd.

Just because “The Real Housewives of Orange County” isn’t airing doesn’t mean the drama has stopped. Kelly Dodd and Heather Dubrow have had their many ups and downs, but it looks like Dodd has stepped up to apologize Dubrow for their latest fiasco.

In June 2021, Dodd claimed that she and hubby Rick Leventhal had gotten COVID-19 in January from Dubrow’s son Nicholas. All of them had spent New Year’s Eve together in Aspen, Colorado. “We got COVID on New Year’s,” Dodd said on her Instagram Story in June while getting the COVID vaccine. “Heather Dubrow’s son gave it to us. We already have the antibodies.”

But the mom of one is now speaking out about her “joke.” She posted a video on her Instagram Story on Tuesday, July 6, to clarify her earlier statement about Dubrow’s son. “So I got this letter from an attorney for the Dubrow family reminding me I made a statement that may sound like truth, when in fact it was a joke and for that, I am offering my sincere apology,” Dodd said.

She added, “I did get COVID at a party New Year’s Eve, and Heather Dubrow’s son and his friends were all there. And while I had information leading us all to believe we could’ve gotten COVID from them, because we all — like 24 of us — got COVID that night, we obviously have no way of proving or knowing for sure he or his friends were the source of our infection.”

Dodd concluded, saying, “And for that, I apologize. I’m going on the record right now to be very clear, Rick and I don’t know how we caught the virus, and we’re both very very sorry for any trouble we caused the Dubrow family.”

Fans Had Various Reactions to Dodd’s Video

Dodd first joined RHOC as a friend of Meghan King’s on season 11 in 2016, but she will no longer be returning to the series. Bravo confirmed that Dodd, along with Braunwyn Windham-Burke and Elizabeth Lyn-Vargas, would not appear on RHOC season 16.

Shortly after Dodd posted her July 6 video, multiple fan accounts reposted it on their accounts. Fans flooded the comments with varying opinions on her statement. “Below Deck Med” star Hannah Ferrier commented under one fan account, “If you went to a NYE party with 30+ people then you gave yourself covid you f****** moron.”

Other fans also shared their opinions. “Okay can’t stand her but this gave me a good laugh,” one fan commented. “I feel like this apology alone should win her her spot back,” another wrote. Another agreed writing, “lmao the sarcasm omg. I’m not a Kelly fan.. but oh man, i would love to see all of this unfold on camera and fancy pants putting her in her place!” One joked, “Why was Kelly at the same party as a teenager?”

Dodd Revealed Her Daughter Also Contracted the Virus

Dodd and Leventhal weren’t the only family members to test positive for COVID. Dodd shared on her Instagram Story in late June that her 15-year-old daughter Jolie had gotten the illness.

“My daughter has COVID,” Dodd said in the video, in which the two sat in the kitchen together. “I thought it was over,” she added, along with telling her daughter, “you look so pretty.”

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