Kelly Dodd Claims Heather Dubrow Tried to Sue Her Twice

Bravo/YouTube Heather Dubrow and Kelly Dodd.

Even though Kelly Dodd is no longer a part of “The Real Housewives of Orange County,” that doesn’t mean she can’t stir the pot from afar.

On Dec. 2, 2021, Dodd and her husband, Rick Leventhal, posted a video reaction to the season 16 RHOC premiere on their YouTube page. In the video, while the two discussed Heather Dubrow’s return to the franchise, Dodd alleged that Dubrow had tried to sue her and Leventhal–twice.

“They tried to sue us twice, they did, and they told my friend Tracy DiGiorgio that they’re gonna clean out our bank accounts and made sure to tell us,” Dodd alleged about Dubrow and her husband, Terry Dubrow.

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Leventhal also chimed in, “She said, ‘You make sure to tell Kelly we’ll clean out her bank account.”

Dodd continued, “She’s the one who is obsessed with me. I’m not the one going around town saying that I’m going to sue you and clean out your bank account.”

Dubrow Recently Slammed Dodd as ‘Pathetic’

Although Dodd has thrown some jabs at Dubrow, the feud isn’t one-sided. During a recent interview with Page Six, Dubrow called Dodd “pathetic” and “sad.”

“It makes me laugh,” Dubrow said while speaking with the outlet on Nov. 30, 2021. “Kelly seems to talk about me a lot, so at this point I don’t know whether to be really flattered that she’s so obsessed with me or sad for her that she has no other content.”

Dubrow continued, explaining to Page Six that she wasn’t a fan of Dodd’s behavior, especially as she filmed Dubrow while she was out to dinner with her husband earlier this month.

“No. 1: You don’t burn bridges and No. 2 you have to figure out your next steps, and I don’t think sitting at a restaurant filming former cast members is a viable employment opportunity, and it just seems sad, pathetic,” Dubrow told the outlet.

Some Fans Believed That Dubrow Got Dodd Fired From ‘The Real Housewives of Orange County’

After it was announced this past summer that Dodd was fired from “The Real Housewives of Orange County” and that Dubrow would be coming back, some fans thought that it was actually Dubrow who got Dodd fired from the franchise. However, Dubrow quickly shut down those rumors during a July 2021 appearance on E!’s “Daily Pop.”

“I think you would know that anyone that thinks they have that kind of power on a show like this is really very misguided,” Dubrow said at the time. “Having said that, when I left the show, I felt like the culture of the show was changing and it wasn’t really in line with who I am or something that I felt comfortable in.”

Dubrow continued, “And I definitely wanted to make sure that the show was going to be moving into a direction … because they said they wanted to reboot it. That’s no secret. So I wanted to make sure that it was moving in a direction that I could thrive in, that would be successful and would be beneficial to my family. Helpful, not harmful.”

Viewers can catch all-new episodes of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” every Wednesday night at 9 p.m. Eastern Time on Bravo.

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