Kelly Dodd Gets Slammed By a New Real Housewife

Kelly Dodd

Getty Kelly Dodd in 2018

In a new interview, Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Jen Shah slammed veteran Real Housewives of Orange County member, Kelly Dodd, naming Dodd as her “least favorite” Housewife.

During a recent interview with Access Hollywood, Shah dished on her opinion on her fellow Housewives stars. “Least favorite would be Kelly Dodd,” Shah said to Access Hollywood. “I don’t know her personally, but I’m just basing this off of her social opinions, coronavirus opinions, wearing a mask opinions, they’re very much against what my own personal beliefs are.”

Over the past few months, Dodd has come under fire for her controversial opinions regarding the coronavirus. According to The Sun, earlier this year, Dodd said that the coronavirus was “God’s way of thinning the herd.” Dodd also stirred up controversy when she posted photos from her bachelorette party, which showed a large group of people who weren’t wearing masks.

Kelly Dodd Recently Clapped Back at the Haters

Due to Dodd’s controversial and insensitive comments, some have decided to stop watching The Real Housewives of Orange County. In a recent Instagram story, Dodd clapped back at the haters, especially those who had been pointing out the lower ratings that this season has been receiving so far. “It’s all speculation and completely absurd,” Dodd said in the video. “They are saying that our ratings are down slightly due to my antics and that people are boycotting me. What? Fan boys?”

Dodd continued, further defending herself and her opinions. “I don’t have your opinion so you’re writing bulls*** articles about me,” Dodd said. “This is America, in case you didn’t know, and I’m allowed to have my opinion. And if it doesn’t fit your narrative, then you’re going to try to cancel me.”

Jen Shah Compared ‘The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’ to Other Franchises on the Network

During a recent interview with E! News, Shah explained why she thought Salt Lake City was a great place to film Real Housewives, as well as what other franchises on the network that it’s comparable to.

“Salt Lake City is the perfect city for The Real Housewives because No. 1 it’s absolutely gorgeous,” Shah said to E!. “Everyone who comes here is in awe of the beauty of Salt Lake City. But I think it’s perfect because it is so unexpected. I think people are going to be shocked when they see that we are bringing the fashion of Beverly Hills, the drama of New York, we can read people just like Atlanta and Potomac. I think they are going to be shocked because they’re not expecting that. And then we are also adding another layer that I don’t think is really been brought to the forefront in other franchises, not only diversity but diversity within religion as well.”

Shah continued, telling E!, “I felt like because the show is based out of Salt Lake City that it would be important for me to be part of the show to represent some diversity and to make sure they know it’s not just all blond-haired, blue-eyed girls out here in Utah, that we’ve got some flavor.”

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