Why Kelly Dodd Slammed Lisa Vanderpump as a ‘Liar’

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Kelly Dodd and Lisa Vanderpump may not be on the same Real Housewives franchise, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have beef. Vanderpump – who formerly starred on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hillsinitially started the feud.

Vanderpump and her family host celebrity guests for a once in a lifetime dinner party extravaganza. On the latest episode of her new show Overserved With Lisa Vanderpump, the group decided to play a version of truth or dare, but if the person refused to answer a question, they have to eat a spicy pepper.

Guest Tori Spelling asked Vanderpump had banned any celebrities from her Los Angeles hotspot restaurants. Vanderpump then revealed, “a Real Housewife.” A stunned Spelling then guessed which Real Housewife it was, replying, “Which one? Is it Kelly Dodd?”

Dodd has starred on the Real Housewives of Orange County since season 11 in 2016. Vanderpump added, “Yeah, she kinda came into Pump [one of her restaurants] and didn’t pay a bill…[she’s] not royalty like you,” joking with Flipping Out’s Jeff Lewis.

Dodd didn’t take the accusations lightly. She first tweeted a story of Vanderpump’s accusations and added the caption, “THIS IS A LIE. a) it was 6yrs ago. b) I was a guest of Vicki & her friends c) I paid my share & have the receipt & showed it back then on social media. It was the others who didn’t pay! No wonder Villa Blanca went under. #revisionisthistory.” Dodd has since deleted the tweet.

Dodd Showed Receipts

The RHOC mom of one came prepared with receipts, literally. Dodd continued tweeting her side of the story. She then posted two screenshots – one appearing to be her receipt from Pump in September 2016 and the other a direct message with someone stating they asked for separate checks.

Dodd wrote in the caption of the deleted tweet, “HERE’S THE PROOF Lisa Vanderpump Apology demanded! Sept 2016: The waiter didn’t like that I asked for a separate check & spread lies about me. I paid half plus a very generous tip & signed in my daughters name since we had a debit card together:”

The mom of one also posted the screenshots in a since deleted Instagram post. “The truth always prevails Lisa vanderpump #badbusiness #liar,” she wrote in the caption. “I paid my fair share. I think we can all agree an apology is in order.”

A fan replied to one of Dodd’s tweets, “Truth always comes out Kelly.” Dodd then continued slamming Vanderpump replying, “She’s a known liar ! That’s why she left BH..”

Another fan asked Dodd why she kept the receipts after all these years later, to which Dodd responded, “The receipts were saved in old text messages. I sent a photo of them to prove I didn’t dine and dash despite the accusation from a fame hungry server looking for attention.”

Vanderpump Responded to Dodd’s Accusations

Vanderpump didn’t spare anytime in responding to Dodd’s posts. “Gosh of course I was told there was a problem and you didn’t pay,i was away but of course whatever you say,…,” she replied to one of Dodd’s since deleted tweets. “I apologize if there was such a fiasco and apologize on behalf of all my staff. Would love to host you.”

Dodd seemed to appreciate her apology, but they may not be best friends anytime soon. “Thanks for your apology,” she replied to Vanderpump’s apology. “I’m just confused why you’d say I was banned when in fact I was the subject of false and defamatory allegations and cleared this up five years ago. I’d appreciate a post on your feeds to clear this up.”

Vanderpump cleared the air and the alleged ban. “I heard it was a complete fiasco but I’m sorry you will be guest of honor if you come next time,” she responded.

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