Kelly Dodd Makes Behind-the-Scenes Claims About Shannon Beador’s DUI Aftermath

Shannon Beador and Kelly Dodd.

Getty Shannon Beador and Kelly Dodd.

Real Housewives of Orange County” alum Kelly Dodd spoke about the recent reports about her former castmate, Shannon Beador, per Page Six. According to the publication, Beador “was booked on two misdemeanors: hit-and-run and DUI alcohol” after driving while inebriated in a residential Newport neighborhood on September 16. Page Six also reported that Beador’s vehicle “clipped a residential property.” 

While filming the September 19 “Rick and Kelly’s Daily Smash” episode, alongside her husband Rick Leventhal, Dodd described the situation as “heartbreaking.” She also noted that Beador had “reached out to [her] on Thursday,” two days before the incident to “make amends” after being estranged for the last year. In addition, Dodd asserted she wants to be kind about the situation, despite her past issues with Beador. 

“I don’t condone anything that she did like that but I have empathy for her and I want to give her grace at this time. You can just imagine how she must feel, it must be horrible for Shannon,” said the mother of one. 

Dodd went on to say that RHOC personality Vicki Gunvalson has been a source of support for Beador during this difficult time. She suggested, however, that she does not believe the same can be said about Beador’s castmate and friend, Tamra Judge. 

“I will say Vicki Gunvalson is a very good friend at this time to her, Tamra not so much. But [Gunvalson is] going to get some DoorDash with her. [Beador] had her hair-person there. I’m glad someone is there with her,” said the RHOC alum.

Dodd also stated that she does not believe Beador will ever drive while intoxicated again. 

“I know Shannon, she’s a smart cookie, and she will not do this ever again. We all make mistakes, it’s learning from them and moving on,” said the former RHOC star. 

Dodd’s husband chimed in that he appreciated that “[Dodd] is not kicking [Beador] while she is down.” He also revealed that he and Dodd sent Italian food to Beador following her detainment. In addition, the couple stated that paparazzi has surrounded Beador’s property. 

Kelly Dodd Discussed Her Estrangement With Shannon Beador 

During the September 18 “Rick & Kelly’s Daily Smash” episode, Dodd said Beador reached out to her following a conversation with “Flipping Out” star Jeff Lewis. The mother of one stated that Beador texted her to tell her she had “so many good memories with [her]” and would like to stop arguing on September 14. According to Dodd, the 59-year-old asked her “if [she] would consider moving forward in a positive way.” 

“I said ‘Yes, of course. Thank you for reaching out. I miss our friendship and our talks. How about lunch next week?’” shared the Bravo alum. 

Dodd also shared that she believed Beador stopped being her friend because of Judge. 

“My word on the street is that Shannon is scared of Tamra, Tamra is diabolical, I just think she is an evil person,” said Dodd. 

Dodd discussed her falling out with Beador in a November 2022 episode of “Rick & Kelly’s Daily Smash.” She stated that Beador took issue with her and her husband after Leventhal publicly repeated information that her now ex-boyfriend, John Janssen told him. 

“When Rick repeated something, [Beador] asked me about it, I responded to her with an apology right away and I explained it and she ghosted me,” said Dodd. 

The Arizona State University alum also suggested that Beador’s friendship with Judge and Gunvalson was not sincere. 

“When I was talking to Shannon, I tried to get Vicki, and I tried to get Tamra together, okay. And Shannon didn’t want to have anything to do with them,” said Dodd. “All of the sudden, now they are in the mix [on ‘RHOC’], now she wants to talk to them. Because it’s her bread and butter, and by the way, I have done a lot for Shannon, I have done way more for Shannon than she’s ever done for me.” 

She went on to say that she has “a lot of dirt on Shannon.” 

While recording a November 2022 episode of her podcast, “Two Ts In A Pod,” co-hosted by “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” alum Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave, a fan asked Judge to comment on “what’s going on with Kelly and Shannon.” Judge stated that she did not know why Dodd was upset with Beador. 

“Kelly has had a lot to say about us on her podcast. I refuse to talk negatively about [Dodd]. You know, I don’t know. That’s her schtick, I don’t go there. I’ve actually always been nice to her, always, always, always, so it’s kind of disappointing and hurtful,” said Judge. 

Tamra Judge Spoke About Shannon Beador’s Legal Issues 

Judge opened up about Beador’s September 16 arrest on the September 18 “Two Ts In A Pod” episode. She stated she was overcome with shock when she found out about her co-star’s DUI.

“Her life is literally going to change forever. Do not drink and drive, do not, I don’t care if it’s a few drinks. I mean, this could have gone really bad. I don’t know how bad the accident was – she could have been really hurt. Someone in the house could have been hurt, someone could have died. Like, this is horrible,” stated the Vena CBD co-founder. 

As fans are aware, Judge and Beador were estranged for nearly three years until filming RHOC season 17 in 2022. Judge claimed that Beador “ghosted” her after she was fired from the Bravo series in 2020. However, the Real for Real founder has denied her claim. 

During an April 2023 Instagram Live, alongside Beador, Judge shared she “missed” her friendship with Beador “when [they] were not speaking.” She quipped, however, that she and Gunvalson “talked about [her] a lot” during their period of estrangement. 

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