Kelly Dodd Slams Step-Daughter in NSFW Twitter Rant

Kelly Dodd

Getty Kelly Dodd in 2017.

Former “Real Housewives of Orange County” star, Kelly Dodd, went on a Twitter rant aimed at her step-daughter.

Kelly has taken aim at her step-daughter, Veronica, in a recent series of tweets from December 1, 2021.

The first tweet is a screenshot from a text message chain with a screenshot of Veronica’s Instagram story sharing a passage from a book with a caption from Veronica about her dad, Rick Leventhal, Kelly’s husband.

“This book is like a gut punch it reminds me of when I told my dad I had personally been ‘grabbed by the pussy’ in a bar. He said ‘I’m sorry that happened to you’ and then gleefully celebrated when Trump won.”

In the screenshot, you can see someone say “she’s a nut case” and another unidentified person replying, “It’s disgraceful to talk about your parents on social media. She’s still talking.”

Kelly shared the screenshot and tweeted, “Some kids are bad and some kids are good!!! I’m a good kid.. I take care of my parents !! These liberal whack jobs are takers and shit talkers .. I would never go on social media and speak poorly of my Mom & Dad . I’m glad my daughter doesn’t talk crap love you Jolie!”

The day before the Twitter rant, Kelly posted a tweet joking that Veronica carries a “white privilege card” and called her a “liberal a user and a taker a s*** talker!” in a reply to a fan.

Kelly Called Her Step-Daughter a ‘Piece of S***’ After Fans Called out Rick for Not Stopping Kelly From Tweeting

Many fans commented on the tweets wondering why Rick was not stepping in to stop Kelly from tweeting about Veronica. Kelly didn’t take those comments very well.

“Your husband is a weak loser for allowing you to disrespect his daughter constantly,” someone wrote to which Kelly replied, “His daughter is the piece of s*** talking about her Dad on social media !! I would never do that to my Dad !”

Another fan commented, “What kind of man is Rick that he would let you post this? Disgraceful all around.” Kelly replied back writing, “What kind of daughter talks bad about her Dad on social media !!! She’s the piece of [poop emoji].”

When the screenshots of these replies began turning viral Kelly doubled down on her thoughts.

“A 30 year old woman is NOT A KID!!” she tweeted on December 6, 2021. “When I was 30 I already owned 4 homes, travelled Luggage the world, lived in Az, SF, Hong Kong and had a baby !!! Why are Millennials so entitled???”

She followed that up with another tweet talking about her wealth.

“For you idiots out there I made a million dollars on my own with out parents or a husband by the time I was 28 years old!! Ask anyone that knows me,” she tweeted.

Fans Pointed out Kelly Was Once Accused of Pushing Her Mother Down the Stairs

When Kelly went on the rant about how children should treat their parents it flagged a memory in many viewers’ minds of when former RHOC co-star Tamra Judge accused Kelly of throwing her mother down the stairs.

“She pushed her mother down the stairs,” Tamra said in a leaked clip from the show dated April 13, 2019.

Kelly denied the claims in a statement to People on April 15, 2021.

“Tamra is a known liar,” she said in the statement. “My mom would be happy to go on record and say I never pushed her down the stairs. She actually wants to sue her for this. We had an ongoing disagreement, but it didn’t mean [I] push [sic] her down the stairs.”

The fans were quick to remind Kelly of the rumors.

“so pushing your mom down the stairs and not talking to her for years at a time makes you a good kid??” someone wrote. “Yeah you don’t shame your mom on social media, just on a reality tv show.”

“Some people talk about their parents online and some just throw them down stairs,” another fan wrote.

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