Kenya Moore Gives New Update on Relationship With Marc Daly

Kenya Moore

Getty Kenya Moore in 2020

In a new interview, Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore offered a new update on her relationship with husband Marc Daly.

“We’re still separated, and I have gone through the gamut of emotions from being happy, and happy to move on and to see what my life is going to be like in the next chapter, and then I go from that to being kind of sad,” Moore told Entertainment Tonight during a December 13 interview. “Looking at Brooklyn, looking and gazing into her father’s eyes and seeing the love and knowing what an amazing family we had — and could we still have it. So, for me, the best way to describe it is that I feel turmoil a lot through the season, because I’m being pulled in different directions and just until recently things really shifted, as you saw from the birthday party.”

Moore continued, explaining to Entertainment Tonight, “I say shifted in a different way, because I don’t know where my heart really is right now. For me, that’s not like me. I’m a girl who always knows what I want and to be placed in a position where it’s, like, you had moved on and to now think that maybe, am I doing the right thing? Should I allow this person to have another chance? Not just for the sake of a child, because I don’t think you should stay together for the sake of a child, but … the sanctity of marriage is important to me, and those vows are important to me.”

In September 2019, Moore and Daly announced to People that they were separating. However, since then, their relationship has had its ups and downs. Together, the two share a two-year-old daughter named Brooklyn.

Kenya Moore Revealed That This Was a ‘Hard’ Season for Her

During the interview with Entertainment Tonight, Moore also revealed that this season was “hard” for her, as the difficulties in her marriage played out on screen. During last week’s season premiere, viewers watched as Moore met with a divorce lawyer.

“It’s not going to be easy for me,” Moore said about being on the show amidst a separation. “It’s never easy for me when you are vulnerable and you put yourself out there. But I’m not only putting myself out there, I’m putting my husband, my daughter and my family, because all of those emotions and instances are sort of intertwined.”

Moore continued, telling Entertainment Tonight, “It’s difficult, because they often don’t know what I’ve said, or they often don’t know how I really feel. Having this platform allows me to sort of get therapy in a way, because I’m talking through things that I may not necessarily want to talk about or don’t talk about.”

Kenya Moore Was Considering Having Another Child With Marc Daly

Even though the two aren’t together anymore, it seems like at one point, Moore was considering having another child with Daly. In May 2020, Moore spoke to Us Weekly about the possibility of having another child.

“It’s a conversation that we’re still trying to figure out, honestly,” Moore told Us Weekly at the time. “But I really feel, more and more, that I do [want to]. Time is ticking, and I want them to be close in age and … it’s a sensitive subject.”

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