LOOK: Fans Slam Kenya Moore After Posting Unrecognizable ‘Photoshop’ Image

Kenya Moore

Getty Kenya Moore in 2019

Fans go after Kenya Moore in the comments of a recent Instagram photo where the fans think she looks unrecognizable.

The snap was posted on January 23, 2022, and tagged in Jamacia with the caption, “Always be the brightest. Happy Sunday!” The photo appears to be taken while filming the next season of “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

Here’s everything we need to know:

Fans Ask Kenya to ‘Please Delete’ the Image After Being Called out for ‘Facetune’ App

Several fans accused Kenya of using too much photo editing software on her image.

“This facetune app’s gone too far,” someone wrote. Another fan agreed, “I thought the same thing, and agree 100%!”

“Filtered her down to almost bones,” a fan commented.

“I love her, but this looks extremely edited,” someone else wrote.

“this edit lol,” someone commented. “Kenya baby don’t use the face app,” someone else wrote.

“Sister why you playing on that app,” another fan asked. “Okay facetune!” someone replied.

“What in the Facetune,” someone commented. “Lmaooo girl. This FaceTune ain’t it,” another wrote.

“This edit please delete,” someone wrote.

“I’m confused by what I’m looking at cuz that’s not Kenya’s face…” someone wrote.

Despite many comments pointing out the editing of the photo, many fans were complimentary to Kenya, insisting she didn’t need the editing app to look better.

“Why the filter u don’t need it,” someone else wrote. “Are you sick you do not look good,” someone else wrote.

“Delete that app Kenya,” someone wrote. “You’re too beautiful of a woman for that.”

“Why the editing??? You’re already beautiful,” another person wrote.

“Jesus this u photoshop onto a new person,” someone wrote. “She’s gorgeous. That’s why I’m tryna figure out why she used photoshop?”

“I love you but I wish you would embrace your natural mature beauty more..this looks nothing like you Queen,” someone wrote.

Kandi Shared Photos From the Same Day Which Included Kenya and Several RHOA Castmates

On January 22, 2022, Kandi Buruss shared two photos of the ladies in Jamacia with the caption, “Business in the front, party in the back!” The photo was referenced in comments on Kenya’s post pointing out how different the two photos looked.

“Girl. You are a very beautiful women,” someone wrote. “We saw the originals kandi posted you looked absolutely stunning. Stop the facetune it makes you look weird. You do not need it.”

Fans Pointed out How Happy Kenya Looked After Her Split From Marc Daly

Many fans also commented about how much happier Kenya looked following her split, something even she agrees with.

While appearing on Peacock’s “Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip” Kenya discussed her split with Marc Daly.

“What’s liberating is to be able to live through it and come out better for it. I’m excited for this new chapter and this new life,” she said on the show.

On November 17, 2021, Kenya also spoke to Page Six about her marriage woes.

“I felt lost in my marriage,” she told the outlet. “I lost myself, I lost my voice and I lost a lot of my confidence and self-esteem because of everything that was happening with the relationship.”

“The light at the end of the tunnel … was feeling that I’ll be OK, that I was over being in a toxic relationship and [realizing] that the choices I was making were not right for my daughter — because her mommy has to be happy first and then she will be happy,” she said.

Fans noticed her change in mood and shared with her what they were seeing.

“Wow you are looking so stunning and much happier,” someone wrote on the Instagram post.

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