Kim Richards’ Former Bestie Gives Update on Their Relationship

Kim Richards

Getty Kim Richards.

Brandi Glanville gave an update on her relationship with Kim Richards. The former “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star had a rocky start when they first met, but they ultimately became close friends – until they had a falling out more than two years ago.

In an interview on the “Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef” podcast posted on Monday, February 20, 2023, Glanville denied Richards’ past claim that they fell out over a photo she posted of the 58-year-old actress after she had surgery. Glanville also hinted that she is still not speaking to her former friend.

Brandi Glanville Blamed the Falling Out on COVID

In August 2021, Glanville told Bravo’s “Chat Room” that she was in the dark about why Richards stopped talking to her. “Kim and I are not speaking at the moment and I have zero idea why,” Glanville said at the time, adding that the two sometimes take “breaks” from their friendship.

On Yontef’s 2023 podcast, Glanville shut down the story that she posted a personal picture of her former friend online, and she even asked, “Now where’s the picture?”

“I would never do that to anyone, like especially not a friend,” Glanville said. “Show me the picture. Someone, if I even put anything up, screenshot it. There’s just no picture.”

Glanville said she believes the estrangement was due to COVID, when she refused to pick Richards up after she was at the hospital, in case she’d been exposed to the virus.

“I ended up driving her to the hospital during COVID when I wouldn’t see anyone,” Glanville explained. “And then we got in an argument because I didn’t want to pick her up because she’d been in the hospital and I was like, it was the beginning of COVID and like in the emergency room, I can’t pick you up because I have kids. And then that was an argument.”

“Kim and I argue, we do. We had some dumb arguments about the stupidest things,” she added. “So I think COVID, we kind of just lost touch a little bit as I did with a lot of other friends as well. “

Glanville added that she will always love Richards, despite their extended friendship break.

“I will always love Kim,” she said. “I know like everything about that lady and she knows everything about me and we could ruin each other’s lives if we wanted to, but we would never, and she’s going to be my family for life and my kids love her.”

Kim Richards Claimed Brandi Glanville Ignored Her Request to Take a Photo Down

Brandi Glanville

GettyBrandi Glanville and Kim Richards in 2013

Richards opened up about her feud with Glanville in a July 2022 interview with E! News. At the time, she revealed that she became upset with Glanville for posting a photo of her online without her consent following a biopsy for a questionable mammogram.

“There were some pictures she posted of me after my surgery—it was a tough surgery for me,” Richards told the outlet. She added that she asked Glanville to look at her stitches because she was afraid she had “popped a stitch,” and that a photo was taken during the incident.

“I was scared and Brandi looks down and checks,” Richards said. “And that picture was posted. I’m sure it was by accident but…I felt a little upset. I felt like just take that down. Then she called later and I said, ‘I asked you to take that down,’ and she said, ‘It’s nothing, it was a picture.’”

On July 21, 2022, Glanville posted to Twitter to deny the story. “I love you [Kim Richards] But your recollection is off,” the “Unfiltered” podcast host wrote. “Please show me that picture that you’re talking about because that never happened. In fact well after that moment in time you did my podcast and when we went into COVID I even drove you to the emergency room. #receipts.”

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