Kim Richards’ Sobriety Questioned After Bizarre Cameo Surfaces Online

Getty Images Kim Richards.

Kim Richards‘ sobriety, mental health and overall well-being are being questioned after a 10-minute-long Cameo that she sent to a fan surfaced online.

A fan took to Reddit on August 21, 2021, to share a clip of a Cameo video, which was sent to her as a birthday gift. “My girl Kim being shady + talking about Kathy being on the show (clip from an iconic 10 minute cameo I received as a bday gift),” the Redditor captioned her post.

It seems that Richards’ birthday message took quite a tangent, as the former reality star was talking about things that previously happened on “RHOBH.” Richards appeared to be sitting outside during the clip. She wore a light blue top and had her blond hair in braided pigtails. You can watch the clip here.

The video itself was a bit shaky, as Richards was moving the phone around as she filmed. It didn’t take long for fans to wonder if Richards was intoxicated in the video. According to Us Weekly, she’s been continuously working on her sobriety since her time on “RHOBH.”

Here’s what you need to know:

More Than 100 Comments Have Been Added to the Thread & Many Fans Expressed Concerns Over Richards

Several fans that watched the Cameo and commented on the Reddit post couldn’t help but question whether or not Richards was of sound mind while recording it. Several Redditors wondered if Richards was intoxicated due to her rambling — and the length of the Cameo (the videos are generally just a couple of minutes long at best).

“Drunk rambling IMO. Hate to say it but she seemed very intoxicated unfortunately,” one Redditor commented on the thread.

“I agree. She, unfortunately, seems out of it. Hence the 10 minute Cameo,” added another.

“i think she looks really pretty in this video (jaw and lip fillers?) but also intoxicated… hope i’m wrong,” echoed a third.

“She looks like she had a facelift and lost weight. Her face looks almost too skinny for the size her lips are. She definitely seems to be medicated. I don’t think she’s intoxicated from alcohol, but definitely Xanax or something similar. They have to show all three together and not just attending a party. Like a true sit down where they’re discussing something with substance,” added a fourth.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Richards has been to rehab four times as of 2019. Richards, who has been very honest about her sobriety journey over the years, has shared that it’s important for her to stay on the right path, not only for her health, but also for the sake of her kids and her grandkids.

Richards Charges $125 for a Cameo

Richards is no longer a part of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” but she still has a fan base and she is on the popular celebrity shoutout site Cameo. “Hi all! I love interacting with all of u [sic]. Thanks for thinking of me and I can’t wait to get your requests. I do them when I can,” her Cameo bio reads.

Richards charges $125 for a video, which can be purchased for oneself or sent to someone else, perhaps for a special occasion. Folks who pay for a Cameo can let the celebrity know what they would like them to say and/or address in the video.

Richards isn’t one of the most popular Cameo celebrities, but she does have 71 reviews with an overall 4.9 out of 5 stars.

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