Kim Zolciak-Biermann Reveals More Health Issues From Her Stroke

Kim Zolciak-Biermann

YouTube/Bravo Kim Zolciak-Biermann

Former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kim Zolciak-Biermann is opening up about the aftermath of the stroke she suffered in 2015.

In a September 22, 2021, Instagram post, the star revealed that she still suffers from memory issues since her stroke six years ago. “6 yrs ago today I had a stroke,” Zolciak wrote in the caption, accompanied by a series of emotional photos that documented her in the hospital and her journey to recovery. “I’ll never forget how I felt. I think about it almost daily still to this day. I  take blood thinner daily & probably always will! I have no physical limitations but at times I can’t find the ‘right’ word, or I completely lose my train of thought. Thank God my hubby finishes my sentences.”

The former “Don’t Be Tardy” star continued, writing that she could tell that something was wrong prior to the incident, when she was competing on an episode of Dancing With The Stars.

“Looking back it was so obvious something was wrong,” Zolciak wrote. “I woke up 9/21/2015 (I just landed in LA the night before) & my head was pounding. Like a terrible terrible migraine. I suffered from migraines regularly so I just assumed that’s what it was BUT it was the WORST HEADACHE I have ever had.”

Thankfully, however, Zolciak explained that her daughter’s boyfriend at the time, Slade Osborne, noticed that something was wrong with her once she had landed back home in Atlanta. Zolciak’s husband, Kroy Biermann, urged Osborne to take her to the hospital, where the doctors discovered that she had suffered a stroke and also found a hole in her heart. Luckily, Zolciak was able to recover, but, as she revealed in her most recent Instagram post, still feels the after effects today.

Zolciak Said She Knew ‘Something Was off’ for Most of Her Life

During a 2017 interview with ABC News, Zolciak admitted that she knew that “something was off” in her body during most of her life.

“I was born with a hole in my heart and it was supposed to close and mine didn’t,” Zolciak explained to the outlet at the time. “I would always have chest pain so I knew something was off most of my life.” The star continued, explaining that she had voiced her concerns to doctors over the years, but they had always assured her that she was “fine.”

At the time, Zolciak also revealed more about the symptoms she felt nearly two years after the stroke. “I’d have a headache, but I’m still a mom,” Zolciak said. “I still have to bathe the babies, get them into bed — you push through. You saw what happened when I landed. Stress will kill you. It’s not really worth it. When this happened to me, I was scared to death to get my heart rate up. I didn’t run for six to seven months out of sheer fear.”

Zolciak Was Also Diagnosed With COVID-19 Earlier This Year

In March 2021, Zolciak was also diagnosed with coronavirus, but thankfully, she has since made a full recovery.  At the time, Zolciak posted an Instagram story, which was captured by Page Six, revealing that her husband had caught the virus as well.

“Hubby and I tested + for Covid A few days ago!” Zolciak wrote in the story at the time. “Been a hell of a ride! Very thankful for our Dr’s and a HUGE thank you to [Chris Tuff] for keeping us healthy and Piedmont Infusion Center as well THANK YOU SO MUCH!!”

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