Why Brielle Biermann Has a Scar on Her Face

Brielle Biermann

Getty Brielle Biermann and mom Kim Zolciak in 2016

In a recent Instagram story, former Real Housewives of Atlanta and Don’t Be Tardy star Kim Zolciak’s daughter, Brielle Biermann, opened up about the scar on her face.

Biermann has a small scar on her nose, and on October 28, Biermann revealed the story behind her scar. “To those of u who don’t know.. the scar on my nose is from [Zach],” Biermann explained on her story, according to Bravo. “6 or 7 years ago we were at a park & he pulled back on this sign that then hit me in the face.. we had to go to the hospital & glue it back together.”

However, even though Biermann has a scar on her nose, it seems like she is able to wear it proudly and ignore the haters. Biermann posts a lot of solo shots on her Instagram page, and in her comment section, mom Kim Zolciak and sister Ariana Biermann are always hyping her up.

Brielle Biermann Has Spoken About Her Appearance Before

This is not the first time that Biermann has spoken about her appearance and how she feels about her looks. In February, Biermann was open about the fact that she thinks she went a little bit “crazy” with getting lip fillers. Biermann explained to People that she first started getting her lips injected with filler when she was 18. “I’ve been getting them injected off and on since I was 18. I flew out to LA in June 2015 and wanted them done so badly,” Biermann told People in February. “My mom took me to [celebrity cosmetic surgeon] Dr. Simon Ourian.”

However, Biermann explained that she “lost track” of just how often she was getting her lips plumped. “I didn’t realize how big they were,” Biermann admitted to People. “I’d be like, ‘Oh, I’m going to LA,’ and they’re like, ‘Okay, well maybe let’s not inject the top lip. The top looks good. Let’s do the bottom.’ I was like, ‘F*** you guys. I’m going to do what I want’.”

Biermann continued, telling People, “I don’t understand why somebody who doesn’t like their lips or hips or whatever can’t go get that fixed if they have the money to. We shouldn’t shame women for wanting to help themselves. It’s natural, but it doesn’t always have to be the goal.”

Kim Zolciak Said That People Bullied Her Daughters on Instagram

In February 2019, mom Kim Zolciak opened up about how mean some people can be on Instagram to her and her daughters. Talking about her younger daughter Ariana Biermann, Zolciak told People, “People on Instagram, especially, are so f***ing rude about it that I have to monitor her page constantly because of the nasty comments, ‘You’re fat, you’ve always been fat….’ just horrible, mean, mean things. Now, they’re saying all she does is photoshop her pictures, ‘cause she’s not that small. It’s a constant battle, and I always want my girls to love themselves, no matter what size they are.”

Zolciak continued, telling People, “I’m very open with my children on [her plastic surgery]. I am not open to any plastic surgery on my girls at this time. I tell them, you know, when you’re done having kids and all that good stuff, worry about all that stuff later on down the road, if that’s what you want to do, but you guys are beautiful and so young.”

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