RHOBH Alum Addresses Kyle Richards’ Family Feud: ‘There Can Only Be One Star’

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Getty Kathy Hilton, Kyle Richards and Kim Richards have been feuding.

Brandi Glanville spoke out about the ongoing feud between Kyle Richards and her sisters, Kim Richards and Kathy Hilton.

“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” alum reacted on the January 11, 2023 episode of “Watch What Happens Live,” after host Andy Cohen asked her what she thinks the issue is between the three sisters, who’ve had multiple estrangements over the years.

During the episode, Glanville revealed that she is not currently talking to Kim Richards, who used to be a close friend, but she said she will always “love” her. Cohen then asked Glanville, “You’ve seen the relationship between Kyle and Kim and now Kyle and Kathy. What do you think is the issue between the sisters? Do you think they expect too much of Kyle or what is it?”

“Honestly I feel like because I’m a middle child, I’m one of three, I get it there’s always gonna be a push and pull,” Glanville replied. “Like it’s just a difficult thing. I love Kim, I love Kathy, I love Kyle. It’s just, there’s always, in my opinion, there can only be one star and there’s three stars. So that’s really what it comes down to.”

All 3 Richards Sisters Were Actresses as Kids

The celebrity siblings have all been in the spotlight since childhood, and all three have acting resumes dating back to the 1970s. While Kathy is the oldest of the sisters, it was middle child Kim who was the most famous as a kid. In the very first RHOBH episode in 2010, titled “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Wealthiness,” Kim revealed in a confessional, “I was not just a child actress, I was the Disney girl … I was quite famous.”

Kim, who was a main cast member on RHOBH from 2010 to 2015, started her career on TV with a role on the 1970 sitcom “Nanny and the Professor,” and by the mid-1970s she was cast as the female lead in Disney’s ‘Escape to Witch Mountain” movies, per IMDb. Throughout the 1970s and ‘80s, Kim guest starred on just about every popular television show of the era.

In a video shared by BravoTV.com,. Kim revealed that she was just four years old when she was cast in “Nanny and the Professor.”

“And then I kind of just did every show there is —  ‘CHiPs,’ ‘Magnum [P.I.]”, ‘Police Woman,’ ‘Police Story,’ ‘Medical Center.’” she said. “And then I became the Disney girl. I did 17 Disney films. I was the only one under contract to Disney since Hayley Mills was my age.”

Kyle, who is four years Kim’s junior, famously appeared in John Carpenter’s original “Halloween” movie in 1978, then later scored a recurring role on the NBC drama series, “Little House on the Prairie.” She also starred in “Carter Country,” “Down to Earth,” and more, according to IMDb.

In a 2013 interview with Halloween News, Richards recalled her “positive experiences” as a child star. “Our mom was our manager. So it was always just a very fun environment, just having fun on the set and my mom trying to keep my life as normal as possible considering we were in movies and television,” she said.

Kathy Hilton has a much shorter list of acting credits than her younger sisters. While she did appear in TV hits such as ”Bewitched,” “The Rockford Files,” and “Happy Days,” she stopped acting in 1979, per IMDb, which is the same year she married wealthy restaurant heir Rick Hilton.

There Has Always been a Sibling Rivalry Between the Sisters

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GettyKathy Hilton, Kim Richards and Kyle Richards.

Decades after finding childhood stardom, two of the celebrity sisters had a falling out while filming RHOBH. In a famous scene in a limo at the end of season 1, Kim accused Kyle of “stealing” a house from her, and Kyle clapped back to say her husband, Mauricio Umansky, helped financially  support Kim “like a second wife.”

In a confessional, Kim claimed she took care of her whole family when she was growing up. “I bought her first car,” she said of Kyle. “Bought our home.”

A few years later, Kyle produced a scripted series titled “American Woman,” which was loosely based on her childhood.  In an interview with the Los Angeles Times at the time, Kyle described the show as “a love letter” to her late mom, Kathleen Dugan, and defended her “right” to tell her story despite her sisters’ objections. “It is a fictionalized version, it’s inspired by childhood, but this is not autobiographical,” she said. “I am hopeful that after seeing it, [Kathy and Kim ] will see that it’s a fictionalized version and everything will be fine again.”

In the “RHOBH” episode, “We Need to Talk About Kathy,” Lisa Rinna also addressed the sisters’ on-and-off feuds.

“Kyle is way more famous and way more successful than Kathy Hilton has ever been,” the Rinna Beauty founder said, per Hollywood Life. “I think that it’s been hard for Kathy to have it all and then have her sister have more.”

But after Kathy joined RHOBH in season 11 as a “friend,” there were reports that Kyle was not happy with the special deal she was given by Bravo to return for a second season.

A source told OK magazine that Kyle felt it was “unfair” that Kathy was given special treatment while she “poured her heart and soul” into the show as a full-time Housewife for the show’s first 11 seasons.

“Kathy is still billed as a ‘friend,’ so she can come and go as she pleases,” the source said. “Yet the producers bend over backwards to accommodate her.”

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