Kyle Richards Ripped for Continuing to Go After Sutton Stracke

Kyle Richards, Sutton Stracke

Getty Images Kyle Richards ripped by fans for her treatment of Sutton Stracke on RHOBH.

Kyle Richards has had a bit of an issue with “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Sutton Stracke following Stracke’s reaction to Dorit Kemsley’s home invasion.

During an early episode in season 13, Stracke goes over the Richards’ home and the two chat about what happened at Kemsley’s house. While Richards is still very emotional after hearing about Kemlsey’s harrowing experience, Stracke seemed rather unbothered. At one point, she even told Richards that she also had a lot going on and complained about something that had to do with her business.

This deeply upset Richards, who couldn’t figure out why Stracke didn’t show more emotion about what had happened to Kemsley — and Richards brought it up. Stracke did end up apologizing. However, Richards doesn’t seem like she’s over it completely, and fans have picked up on it.

Here’s what you need to know:

Stracke Has Spoken Out About Her Reaction

Aside from handling things on her own during an in-person conversation with Kemsley, Stracke also spoke to Entertainment Tonight about her questionable reaction to such a terrifying event.

Stracke said that she actually wasn’t fully aware of what had happened at Kemsley’s house.

“That morning, it was confusing,” Sutton told the outlet. “I don’t follow tabloids, and that’s how everybody was finding out what had happened to Dorit. So a lot of things were unclear to me, and I don’t think I understood the complete seriousness of the situation. I think when things unfold we might have some more clarity as to my reaction. I think that it comes across very insensitive,” she added.

Stracke called her decision to compare the home invasion to her crazy morning “wrong.”

“I mean, it was wrong and my brain just wasn’t in the moment, I think. And I think when your brain isn’t in the moment, that is being insensitive. That’s basically the definition,” she explained.

Fans Are Criticizing Richards for not Moving on

After watching the latest episode of RHOBH, some fans have feelings about how Richards isn’t letting Stracke off the hook.

“So I just finished watching this latest episode and I don’t know what Kyle wants from Sutton anymore. She apologised for seeming out of touch when it came to Dorit and she took accountability for what she said. So what does Kyle want her to do? She apologised twice – to Dorit – but Kyle still wants to milk this situation some more?” one Redditor wrote, kicking off a new thread.

“You know what beats all too? The fact that when Sutton explained her reasons, she had more sympathy for Dorit, than all the rest of them put together. Sutton’s on point when she said Dorit will hear those voices forever. I’m also the type person who likes to be alone during a crisis, so her explanation for not going to Dorit’s the very next morning made total sense!! I literally cannot stand Kyle, she’s the one making it all about her!! Let’s not forget her horrible insensitive treatment of LVP when her brother overdosed. Those women treated her less than human. Goodbye Kyle!!!!!” another person added.

“Because Kyle knows Sutton is an easy target she wouldn’t have the balls to go up against people like Rinna or Erika because she knows she’d get shot right back down. She has not other storyline except for exploiting everyone else,” a second comment read.

“Yes. Have you seen the show? She will keep banging away at this all season to break Sutton and create a storyline. There are no words left to describe how over it I am and how just horrified I am by Erika. None of the core four is quite in touch with f****** human reality,” someone else said.

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Robin Monroe
Robin Monroe
2 months ago

I can’t understand why anyone is not making sure that Sutton apology is legit after all the were still after Erika even this season when she apologized thousands of times.

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