Why Kyle Richards Isn’t Featured on ‘Buying Beverly Hills’

Kyle Richards.

Getty Kyle Richards in 2022.

If viewers are tuning into “Buying Beverly Hills” to see “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Kyle Richards, they might not find her.

The new show, which premiered on Netflix on Nov. 4, features the ins and outs of their family real estate agency, The Agency, started by Richards’ husband, Mauricio Umansky. Both Alexia and her older sister, Farrah Aldjufrie, work there, but it looks like fans will not be seeing Richards on the show. Umansky explained why during a new interview with Us Weekly.

“I think that’s just an issue between networks,” Umansky explained to the outlet in an interview published on Nov. 4. Richards stars on RHOBH, which airs on Bravo.

Aldjufrie, who was also present for the interview with Us Weekly, explained more about the family’s dynamic.

“Obviously, family is something you wanna protect and going on a public platform and just laying it all on the table with family and with what’s going on in your professional life — there’s always a little bit of a risk there,” Aldjufrie said. “So it was a little hesitant, but then I figured, you know what, as long as we’re authentic and ourselves and we just show what we do on a daily basis then there’s really nothing that can be wrong with that.”

Viewers can catch the first season of “Buying Beverly Hills” streaming now on Netflix.

Kyle Richards Wasn’t Always on Board With Her Family Starring on ‘Buying Beverly Hills’

Although Richards is supportive of her family, she admitted that she wasn’t so fond of her family appearing on a reality TV show at first. While speaking to People at BravoCon 2022, she revealed that she was “very nervous” about “Buying Beverly Hills.”

“It’s really weird to all of a sudden — even though I’ve been on a show for all these years — to have them be front and center in the business world,” Richards told the outlet at the time. “It made me very nervous, I was not for this at all.”

The star added, “But at least I’ve been doing this for a while, and I gave a lot of advice to my husband and daughters.”

Mauricio Umansky Said That No One Was Cast for ‘Buying Beverly Hills’

While speaking to E! News in an interview published on Nov. 4, Umansky maintained that no one was cast to star in “Buying Beverly Hills”–it really is all about the people who work there day-to-day.

“Nobody was cast for the show,” Umansky told the outlet. “These are all real people that are struggling. We show the rookies, the young 20-year-olds and allow them to make mistakes. Some of them may not make it. They may not have what it takes to be an Agency agent and be prepared to work for the most successful, luxurious, global real estate firm in the world.”

The new show not only features Umansky and his daughters, but other agents and their teams at well, like Brandon Graves, Allie Lutz Rosenberger, Joey Ben-Zvi, and Ben Belack.

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