Kyle Richards Throws Big Name Into Casting Mix

RHOBH season 12 cast.

Bravo Could a big name be joining RHOBH for season 13?

A “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star has shared her top pick for the person that she thinks should join the franchise. About two weeks after Lisa Rinna announced that she was leaving the show, TMZ caught up with Kyle Richards and asked who she’d like to see join the cast.

“I always said Chrissy Teigen would be the best,” Richards told the outlet when asked who she thought would be a good replacement for Rinna. “It’s not an easy job, believe it or not,” Richards continued when pressed for who another option could be. She then walked to hop into her car, which was valeted outside Il Pastaio in Beverly Hills.

Interestingly, however, this isn’t the first time that Richards has mentioned Teigen’s name when it comes to casting for RHOBH.

“People always ask. I would say Chrissy Teigen, but I know she won’t do it, so I gotta think of somebody else now, because I know she’s never going to do it,” Richards told Us Weekly in 2019 when she was asked who should replace Lisa Vanderpump.

During an Amazon Live on January 19, 2023, however, Richards said she knows that Teigen wouldn’t actually join the franchise. “I just think she would be great on the show. I know she can be controversial. She’s really funny. She’s really quick and smart,” she said.

Here’s what you need to know:

Teigen Doesn’t Think She’d Be a Good Fit for RHOBH

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight in June 2022, the mom of three explained why she doesn’t think the “Real Housewives” franchise is a good landing spot for her.

“I grew up on court shows. Honestly, my mom was always the one who had every court show on all the time and I just remember thinking that they were, like, so mean and so scary,” she explained. “A lot of people think that I, like, love conflict or I’d be so good on, like, Real Housewives or something… I’m always like, ‘No, no,'” she added.

“I enjoy mediation. Big, brutal conflict and attacks and stuff is not me,” she said.

If Teigen ever changed her mind, there’s one person who would love to get her signed on.

“Oh, I’d love it,” Andy Cohen told Hollywood Life in June 2019. “Oh, my god, I’d love it. She’s a gold mine,” he added.

Cohen Addressed Cast Rumors Ahead of Rinna’s Exit

It seems that a shakeup in Beverly Hills was inevitable after a dramatic season 12 that left a bad taste in the mouths of many. In fact, executive producer Cohen seemed to hit that changes would be made ahead of season 13 during an interview with Us Weekly in November 2022.

“Being on The Housewives, it’s something that I everyone who’s on the show, I want them to be excited about being on the show and have a level of, you know, a desire to be on the show, and feel great about it. And so, it’s we’ve had this situation before with other Housewives who said ‘look this isn’t my group, I don’t want to interact with X person or Y person.’ And so it’s totally, that’s their decision,” he explained.

“Tweaks are always good. But you know, it was it was a very successful season,” he added.

In the time since, Rinna announced her departure as did full-time star Diana Jenkins, who is focused on her pregnancy.

So far, Bravo has been mum on who might be joining the cast or who else may be leaving.

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