Fans Criticize Kyle Richards for Comments About Sutton Stracke

Kyle Richards

Getty Kyle Richards.

In “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” season 12, episode 16, Kyle Richards questioned why Sutton Stracke shared that she and Garcelle Beauvais found it humorous when they unfollowed Erika Jayne on Instagram. Stracke clarified that she stopped following the “Pretty Mess” singer because she called her “a b***** f***** c***” during the season 11 reunion. When she revealed she was unhappy that her castmates did not address Jayne’s comment, Diana Jenkins replied, “but you are one” while laughing. Jenkins then listed why she does not like Stracke’s company.

In season 12, episode 17, Jayne, Richards, and Lisa Rinna discussed Jenkins’ interaction with Stracke.

“Diana was out of control. She was in pain, you hurt — it comes out as rage at times,” stated Rinna.

Jayne and Richards then shared that they enjoy being with Stracke when she is away from the group.

“One on one, there are great moments and then she 180s and then she becomes something completely different,” said Jayne.

Rinna chimed in that she believed Stracke’s behavior was “very high school.”

“It’s so stupid, and trivial, classic mean girl stuff. Honestly, if I say ‘Rinna let’s unfollow Erika’ that’s being f******* mean,” agreed Richards.

A Reddit user shared the RHOBH season 12, episode 17 scene on the Bravo Real Housewives subreddit.

Reddit Users Shared Their Thoughts About the Scene

Erika Jayne

GettyErika Jayne

Several Bravo fans shared their thoughts about the RHOBH season 12, episode 17 scene in the comments section.

“Unfollowing someone isn’t mean, but you know what is? Having two women cackling and calling you a see you next Tuesday while laughing at you, but that’s just MY OPINION,” wrote an RHOBH viewer.

“The lack of self awareness in this show is going to rip the space time continuum and cause a black hole,” added another.

“Kyle needs to stop playing and just admit she hates Sutton’s guts. This s*** is so phony,” shared a different person.

“LMAO not them gathering to talk about Sutton being a high school mean girl after the s*** they’ve all said and done,” stated a commenter.

“These f****** women, The reason she acts different in the group is because you all attack her at once. Kyle is kinda the worse of all of them. Cursing at someone’s kids, totally fine, unfollowing someone, omg mean girl,” stated a Reddit user.

“So kyle has manhandled Sutton, accused her of lying about miscarriages, but because she unfollowed people on Instagram, she’s a mean girl. The frustrating thing is they out number Sutton and Garcelle, so will be able to steamroll them at the reunion with b***** whataboutism. Just like they did with Denise [Richards] by accusing her of unleashing her fans on them,” asserted a commenter.

“Kyle is the ultimate mean girl,” agreed another.

“JFC Kyle obsessing over Instagram WHEN SHE’S NOT EVEN PART OF THE STORY. I guess she has nothing interesting going on in her life anymore so her storyline is people who unfollow other people in social media,” wrote a social media user.

“Kyle is one of the most shallow people I’ve ever seen. Unfollowing someone on instagram and mind you it’s Erika who’s getting unfollowed not her and she is the most worked up about this.Like girl this something I expect from an 18 year old not a middle aged grown a** woman.Embarassing!Always worried about how the way Kim [Richards] and Kathy [Hilton] look reflect on her,such a shallow person,” chimed in a ninth person.

Kyle Richards Shared Her Thoughts About Diana Jenkins in an August 2022 episode of the ‘RHOBH After Show’

Kyle Richards.

GettyKyle Richards.

Richards spoke about Jenkins’ comments toward Stracke in season 12, episode 16, during an August 2022 episode of the “RHOBH After Show.”

“Sutton can say things and make mistakes but she’s not the c-word and being called that is very hurtful. I know that some people kind of use that word flippantly. I, personally, don’t like that word at all. If someone called me that I would personally feel bad so I feel bad for her right now,” said the RHOBH star.

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