Fans Criticize Kyle Richards & Dorit Kemsley’s Comments About Lisa Rinna & Sutton Stracke

Kyle Richards and Dorit Kemsley

Getty Kyle Richards and Dorit Kemsley.

In “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” season 12, episode 16, Kyle Richards and Dorit Kemsley had a conversation about their co-star, Lisa Rinna’s behavior. Richards acknowledged the “Melrose Place” actress snapped at Sutton Stracke but explained that she believed she had intense reactions as she was grieving the loss of her mother, Lois Rinna. 

“First she was like really yelling and I was like gosh that’s so harsh. And then she went from one extreme to the next. I went from thinking calm down to oh my god, poor thing. She’s only taking on one person now, Sutton,” stated the “Halloween” actress. 

Kemsley also noted that she believes Rinna “needs some helpful advice [and] some support.” She then shared her thoughts about Stracke.

“I don’t want Sutton to think it’s a pile on because it’s not fair, but at the same time, she doesn’t articulate herself and land her points as good as she could,” shared Kemsley.

In a confessional interview, Richards revealed that she believes “everyone needs to reserved judgement with how Rinna’s handling this and just give her some time.” She also noted she feels that “sometimes Sutton says too much and causes a whole big drama and other times she’s too scared to speak at all and rock the boat, which is also not good.”

A Reddit user shared the scene on the Bravo Real Housewives subreddit.

Reddit Users Shared Their Thoughts About the Scene  

Kyle Richards.

Getty ImagesKyle Richards.

Several Bravo fans shared their thoughts about Richards and Kemsley’s remarks about Lisa Rinna’s behavior. 

Translation: We’re standing by Rinna no matter how she acts or what she does. And we’re blaming Sutton no matter how she acts or what she does,” wrote a commenter

“Kyle, Dorit and Lisa always have so much to say behind everyone’s back but when topics come up in the group settings they always stay completely silent. Lisa backing up Garcelle [Beauvais] about being worried about Erika and then letting Garcelle take all the heat with Erika at dinner These two talking here about Sutton and feeling like Lisa attacks her but saying nothing to help Sutton and then comforting Lisa as if she wasn’t the perpetrator,” added another

“Rinna gets no pass for her behavior. Grief doesn’t excuse everything. It’s convenient for them to use. Also, I’m sure it’s difficult to get your point across when 2 to 3 people are attacking you during any given group function. One would think that Kyle would remember being the odd man out to Yolanda [Hadid] and her ‘dream team’ and extend some support Sutton’s way. That would be the kind thing to do,” shared a different person

“The women have created an alternate reality where time exists normally for everyone but Lisa Rinna who is in a Happy Death Day scenario. They want all of us to play along with their ridiculous narrative. She came on the show as a childish, relentless terror and that’s how she will exit the show as well,” commented a social media user

“Kyle is the one to speak like she wasn’t also the one instigating the fight that blew up at homeless and toothless association dinner party. Kyle stirs s*** constantly and then tries to act like the sensible one. Also both still have Sideshow Bob hair from disco night,” stated a Bravo fan

“How do they always manage to be on the wrong side of things? Like its got to be recognized as a special talent,” added an RHOBH viewer

“Making excuses for Erika [Jayne] and Lisa R being bullies is called enabling, that makes Dorit and Kyle equally complicit. Fire the faux force five already, this is promoting toxic behavior that is not okay,” chimed in a seventh person

Kyle Richards Spoke About Lisa Rinna’s Behavior 

Lisa Rinna

GettyLisa Rinna

During an August 2022 episode of the “RHOBH Aftershow,” Richards spoke about Rinna’s behavior at Dorit Kemsley’s party in season 12, episode 14. She shared she was initially alarmed by her co-star’s reaction toward Stracke. 

“When that whole situation happened with Rinna and Sutton, it was really shocking even for us Rinna really lost it in that moment. First I’m thinking don’t do this. What the h*** are you doing? What is going on? And then when she just started sobbing, we’re reminded that she just lost her mom,” said Richards. 

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