Kyle Richards Reveals Why She Doesn’t Want to Criticize Erika Jayne

Kyle Richards and Erika Jayne.

Getty Kyle Richards and Erika Jayne.

“Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Kyle Richards spoke about her relationship with her castmate Erika Jayne during a January 2023 episode of the “Two Ts In A Pod” podcast, hosted by RHOBH alum Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave and “Real Housewives of Orange County” personality Tamra Judge.

While recording the podcast episode, Richards noted that she has had turbulent relationships with her sisters, Kim Richards and Kathy Hilton. She explained that she appreciates her co-stars, specifically Jayne, who showed her kindness when she has not gotten along with her siblings. The “Halloween Ends” actress then noted that she feels uncomfortable confronting Jayne about her legal issues, which involve accusations against her estranged husband, former lawyer Thomas Girardi. According to Page Six, Girardi was “indicted on embezzlement charges” in February 2023.

“When I have had hard times and going through difficult stuff with my sisters, [the RHOBH cast has] been there for me, which is why it’s hard, like we get called out like, ‘why aren’t you calling out Erika and, you know, yelling at her about this and that?’” said Richards. “I’m like even though I know what the audience is saying — I am not stupid, I read the same things, I understand that people are like, ‘what the h***? Give the earrings back.’ I get all of that. It’s very hard when someone who has been there for you for seven years and when I didn’t have my sisters … [Erika is] calling me and saying, ‘I just want you to know, Kyle, I’m really proud of you, I’m proud of you, you’ve done an incredible job with ‘American Woman.’ They show up to my events, like really supportive.”

She went on to say that the expectation to criticize her friends is “probably the hardest thing about the Housewives.”

“This person has been nothing but kind to me, so I have to like split myself and go oh my god I understand what we’re reading but we don’t know the truth yet so I’m going to reserve judgment because [Erika has] been a good friend to me,” said the reality television personality.

Lisa Rinna Shared She Does Not Want Erika Jayne to Have Conflict in Season 13

Richards’ former RHOBH co-star Lisa Rinna revealed she was exiting the Bravo franchise in January 2023. While speaking to Interview magazine in January 2023, the “Melrose Place” actress acknowledged that she was dedicated to moving the storyline during her time on the show.

“I did a lot of work. Because I’m a worker bee and I’ll just do it. I’ll say it. I don’t have any fear. If you’re so liked, you’re not going to want to do the work. So who’s going to do the work over there? That’s my question. Who’s doing the work? Who’s going to say, ‘I heard you said this about me.’ Who’s going to do that?” asked Rinna.

She shared that she believed Garcelle Beauvais and Sutton Stracke will have to work more on the series in her absence. The “Days of our Lives” star also asserted that Jayne should not take on her role as the show’s pot stirrer due to her ongoing legal issues.

“[T]his is what I wish for Erika. That she can sit there and roll her eyes and be iconic and look at her phone and be bored with these b****,” said Rinna. “Because that’s all she needs to do, is react to what they give her. But unfortunately, they don’t have much to give. So I don’t know what’s going to happen over there.”

Lisa Rinna Shared Why She Did Not Film Kathy Hilton’s Alleged Meltdown

During the Interview magazine interview, Rinna referenced that she accused Hilton of exhibiting erratic behavior while in Aspen during the production of RHOBH season 12. She also claimed that Hilton spoke negatively about several RHOBH cast members, specifically Richards. The 59-year-old explained that she did not capture Hilton’s alleged meltdown on camera, as her behavior came as a shock.

“It was unfortunate that there weren’t cameras in Aspen. It was something that happened so spontaneously. At the moment, I didn’t think to turn on my voice memos. When somebody’s having a nuclear breakdown, you don’t think, ‘Oh, I should be filming this.’ That doesn’t come across your mind,” asserted Rinna.

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