Why Some Fans Think Kyle Richards Should Be Fired From RHOBH

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Kyle Richards has been a staple on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” since the franchise’s inception in 2010. Over the years, fans have watched Richards go through many ups and downs with her family and her friends, but some feel that her run on the show should come to an end.

In a Reddit thread started on August 3, 2021, fans discussed whether or not Richards should be welcomed back for another season of the show. The main reason? Many fans seem to think that she is “boring” and that she doesn’t bring much to the table anymore.

“Kyle imo no longer brings anything to the show. Her sisters are a far more interesting watch. Kathy (whether acting or not) and Kim have been far more exiting in the less seasons they’ve been in than Kyle who has been there from the start. I’m not saying she should never have been a housewife but what is really her story? Nothing. There’s nothing new ever going on with Kyle but her kids and her husband which she never shuts up about. She winds everyone from the back then stands back and stays on the fence,” the original poster wrote.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Seem Split on Whether or Not Richards Should Stay on ‘RHOBH’

While several fans agreed with the original poster, others felt that Kyle is the one person who has been a constant on the show, with someone even suggesting that she’s the “glue.”

“Although I totally agree with [original poster’s] sentiment, unfortunately, I feel like Kyle is kind of the ‘glue’ that holds the BH casts together – she’s always throwing parties, putting trips together, and has a busy-ish home/married life which makes for somewhat interesting filming. But I definitely think Kathy coming on the show was Kyle’s Hail Mary, especially since there’s been rumors of a big BH cast shake up for years and Kyle has been dwindling as fan favorite for a while now,” one Redditor commented.

“Kyle is in the same boat that most of the OG HW of their franchises get to- stale. Vicki, Bethenny, Nene… all became toxic and needed to go. Same for Kyle and please for the love of all things holy one day soon Ramona and [Teresa],” added another.

“Kyle needs to be kicked off. She’s a snooze fest,” wrote a third.

“Kyle is boring and never really has a storyline, but she does kind of hold the cast together now that LVP is gone. I think if Kyle left, BH would turn into RHONY and I don’t think any of us wants that,” a fourth person commented.

Rumors That Richards Was Going to Be Fired Circulated in 2020

This certainly isn’t the first time that fans have thought about Bravo parting ways with Richards. Back in September 2020, All About the Tea published an article speculating that Richards would be the next “Housewives” star axed due to her high salary.

It seems that rumors kicked into high gear after “Real Housewives of Orange County” star Vicky Gunvalson took to her Instagram Stories to share a photo of some OG housewives — including Richards — and added the caption, “The OGs are slowly being phased out.”

All About the Tea predicted that Richards and/or Teddi Mellencamp would be fired from the show — and one of those things did actually happen. Mellencamp is no longer part of the “RHOBH” cast.

Richards’ future on the show is unclear, but as that Reddit thread suggests, Andy Cohen does play favorites — and he does like Richards.

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