Kyle Richards Hospitalized After Calling 911

Kyle Richards

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Kyle Richards was hospitalized over the weekend after a scary incident at her Encino, California home.

The “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star, 52, shared photos and surveillance video to her Instagram story after she was attacked by a massive swarm of bees in her backyard.

In a clip shared on her story, Richards was seen fleeing from the bees as they flew into her hair and face after she walked into a beehive. The “Halloween” star eventually jumped into her pool to get away from the mass of bees.

Richards Is Severely Allergic to Bees


On Instagram, Richards shared a photo of her in the hospital receiving breathing treatments after 911 was called. “So this happened yesterday,” the Bravo star wrote. “I walked into a hive of bees and was stung multiple times. If you know me at all you know I am allergic to bees and terrified of them.”

In a later post, Richards revealed just how serious the situation was. Not only did she get stung and suffer an allergic reaction, but the rest of her family was not at home and her household staff could not hear her cries for help.

“My landline wouldn’t dial 911 and my EpiPen was defective and wouldn’t open,”
she added.

Richards warned her followers with allergies to learn how to use their EpiPens and to always call 911 so emergency breathing treatments can be used on them right away.

Richards also addressed the rescue workers who were dispatched to her house. She thanked them for helping her through her emergency and subsequent panic attack and for assuring her all of the bees were out of her hair. She also noted that she is working on getting the beehive removed from her yard.

Richards Has Been Dealing With Her Bee Allergy Since Her ‘Little House on the Prairie Days’

Richards has been dealing with her bee allergy since her days as a child star on the TV series “Little House on The Prairie.” The actress splayed Alicia Sanderson Edwards on the show from 1975 to 1982, per IMDb.  Richards was once stung while on the set of the NBC drama series, and one of the main stars of the show came to her rescue.

“I am severely allergic to bees so I have an EpiPen,” Richards revealed to Us Weekly in a “What’s In My Bag” segment.  “When I was 5 and filming an episode of ‘Little House on the Prairie,’ I got stung. Michael Landon drove me to a hospital.”

More recently, “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills“ fans may recall a 2013 episode in which a friend of Kyle’s killed a bee during an outdoor get together and co-star Carlton Gebbia flipped out over the killing because she claimed to “feel the pain of animals around her spiritual force field,“ per Vulture. At the time,  it was revealed that Richards was severely allergic to bees and “could die” if she were to get stung.

As the episode aired and Gebbia became upset over the bee-killing, Richards took to Twitter to explain her stance on the situation.

“I am severely allergic to bees,” she wrote. “I mean this wasn’t clubbing baby seals.”

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