Kyle Richards’ Husband Mauricio Umansky Calls Her ‘A Super Jealous Woman’

Mauricio Umansky Kyle Richards

Getty Mauricio Umansky and Kyle Richards.

Kyle Richards has been married to  Mauricio Umansky for more than 25 years.

The “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”  star wed the real estate broker at the Bel-Air Country Club in January 1996, according to The Knot. In January 2022, Richards revealed the secret to her long marriage, saying that there is “never ever a moment” when she and her husband “aren’t on the same page.“

“We love each other more than anything, and we’re in this until the day we die,” the RHOBH veteran added.

But that doesn’t mean her marriage is immune to the green-eyed monster. In fact, in a segment from Richards’ RHOBH casting tape more than 10 years ago, Umansky revealed that his wife has a major jealous streak.

Kyle Richards’ Husband Described Her as Very ‘Jealous’

Kyle Richards

GettyKyle Richards in 2022.

On the June 15, 2022 episode of “Watch What Happens Live,” host Andy Cohen played a game of “Roll the Tapes” with Richards and Chloe Fineman, who were both guests that evening. During the game, the Bravo host rolled footage from Kyle Richards’ RHOBH casting tape, much to her horror.

In the clip, Umansky described his wife as “jealous.”

“She’s very jealous, she gets crazy,” he said. “She’s a super jealous woman.”

Richards appeared mortified by the clip. She later called out Cohen for airing the footage without telling her ahead of time. “I can’t believe you showed these things, Andy,” the RHOBH star said. “It’s so embarrassing. No one told us this was going to happen!”

“Well what do you care?” Cohen asked.

“It’s humiliating!” Richards revealed.

In comments to a YouTube video of the clip, fans noted how uncomfortable Richards looked during the exchange.

“Kyle was CLEARLY uncomfortable,” one commenter noted. “What the f***… I was sinking into my sofa. CRINGE.”

“I love how Kyle is saying it’s humiliating, girl you’ve already sold your soul to Bravo. Your dignity is looooooong gone by now,” another chimed in.

Kyle Richards Has Talked About Her Jealous Rages in the Past

Kyle Richards Mauricio Umansky

GettyKyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky.

In past interviews, Richards has been open about her jealous streak. In an interview on her niece Paris Hilton’s “This Is Paris” podcast, Richards recalled a time when one of her guests brought a female friend to one of her parties and she caught the woman flirting with Umansky on the dance floor.

“And I said to her, ‘Get off my husband,’” Richards revealed on the podcast. “Because she kept putting her hands on him. She wouldn’t listen. So I said ‘Do you want a Manolo in your eyeball? Because I will put a Manolo in your eyeball.’ I had flames coming out of my nostrils and I had her escorted out.”

On an April 2022 episode of the “On Display” podcast, Richards told host Melissa Gorga that it’s not always easy having a “hot” Housewives husband. She called Umansky her “best-kept secret” before other women started noticing — and DMing him —  thanks to her Housewives fame.

“I will f***ing kill you,” Richards said of the women trying to hit on her man. “I will literally cut you.”

Richards added that the blatant flirtations from other women would put her in “a bad mood” and that she didn’t like “being like that.” Richards said she now deletes and blocks any woman who tries to hit up her man.

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