WATCH: Kyle Richards Mocks Lisa Vanderpump in Response to Erika Jayne Rumors

Kyle Richards

Bravo Kyle Richards

Kyle Richards set the record straight about rumors that she talked about Erika Jayne – and she did it Lisa Vanderpump style.

During an appearance on “Watch What Happens Live,” the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star answered a fan question about Vanderpump’s accusations that she had prior knowledge about Erika Jayne and Tom Girardi’s legal and financial issues before they were made public, and that she gossiped about it at Andy Cohen’s 2019 baby shower.

Richards responded to the question by using a fake British accent to mock Vanderpump in the process.

“Everybody who knows her texted me and said what a joke…including people involved in this,” Richards said.

The “Halloween” star then added, “I’m going to respond to this in a classic LVP manner. I mean Andy, I would never say something like this ever, but one could argue that maybe her memory is fading along with her relevance because she wasn’t even at the baby shower, but I would never say something like that.”

You can see Richards’ impersonation of Vanderpump below:

Other Insiders Defended Richards & Said LVP is Looking For Attention

Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump

GettyKyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

The story that Richards gossiped about Erika Jayne at Cohen’s baby shower started earlier this month when former “RHOBH” star Camille Grammer was asked by a Twitter follower if she had heard about “the Tom and Erika rumors” before they were addressed on the  Bravo reality show.

Grammer claimed she first heard rumors about the former couple’s finances in 2019.

“One of the housewives mentioned it at Andy’s baby shower.” Grammer wrote on Twitter. “A west coast HW. A so called “good friend” of hers,” she added.

Vanderpump later claimed she heard the same thing. But an insider told Entertainment Tonight that Vanderpump wasn’t even at the party in question.

“Lisa wasn’t even at Andy’s baby shower, she’d have no firsthand knowledge of the situation,” the source told ET. “Lisa has a show to promote [Vanderpump Rules] and she’s obviously playing the game.”

Another insider told Page Six that the claims that Richards started rumors at the baby shower don’t “seem to add up” because it was Richards who threw the shower for Cohen at the Palm Beverly Hills.

“Kyle organized the event and was so busy, running around the room like a chicken with her head cut off,” the source said. “Why would she go out of her way to start gossip?”

The source also noted that Vanderpump “wasn’t even there.”

“She’s playing from a tired playbook and looks desperate,” the insider said of the former “RHOBH” star. “Lisa loves to throw gas on the fire and then run away. She should stay in her lane and worry about promoting her own show.”

Vanderpump Never Claimed That She Was at Cohen’s Baby Shower

Real Housewives

YouTube/BravoReal Housewives stars celebrating Andy Cohens baby shower

It should be noted that Vanderpump never claimed she was a guest at Cohen’s baby shower. In an interview with The Daily Mail, Vanderpump was asked about the story and, after some hesitation, revealed that the mystery housewife that Grammer referred to “could be the person that Ken kicked out of my house.”

Vanderpump’s husband, Ken Todd, famously kicked Richards out of their house during an argument on Vanderpump’s final season on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

But Vanderpump made it clear that it was Grammer who told her the story – not that she heard it firsthand at the baby shower.

“It didn’t surprise me when Camille told me that it was Kyle that had told her the gossip about her supposed friend Erika Jayne,” Vanderpump told The Daily Mail. “That’s how Kyle works.”

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