Mauricio Umansky Explains Kyle Richards’ Relationship With Morgan Wade

Mauricio Umansky Kyle Richards

Getty Mauricio Umansky; Kyle Richards and Morgan Wade.

Mauricio Umansky said he knows for sure that his wife Kyle Richards’ friendship with country singer Morgan Wade is just a friendship.

In the months since People reported that Richards and Umansky had separated after 27 years of marriage, there have been rumors that Richards, 54, had an affair with Wade, 28.

Richards has repeatedly denied that she’s romantically involved with Wade. “We are very good friends,” she told paparazzi in July, per Page Six.

But speculation about their relationship has not died down—especially since Richards starred in the steamy music video for Wade’s song “Fall in Love With Me,” playing her love interest.

On September 29, 2023, Umansky spoke out about his wife’s relationship and said he has no doubt that it’s completely platonic.

Here’s what you need to know:

Mauricio Umansky Explained What Kyle Richards Spends so Much Time With Morgan Wade

Richards has been photographed with Wade often over the past year. Fans have noticed that the two women share matching rings and tattoos. The “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star was even on a trip to Paris with Wade when Umansky was announced as a contestant on “Dancing With the Stars” in September 2023.

But in an interview with TMZ posted on September 29, 2023, Umansky addressed his wife’s relationship with the “Wilder Days” singer.

“There is no doubt in my mind that Kyle has not slept or cheated with Morgan Wade,” he said. “They are really great friends. They are filming stuff together, they’re doing things together. They are not in a relationship.”

Umansky’s comments are in line with a joint statement issued by him and Richards in July to clarify that there was “no wrongdoing on anybody’s part” when they separated.

Richards is producing a documentary about Wade’s life, which also explains why the two women have been spotted together in Aspen and Paris in recent months.

Morgan Wade’s Ex Kady Cannon Revealed What She Knows

On October 2, 2023, Wade’s former girlfriend Kady Cannon was a guest on the “Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef” podcast.

Cannon, who previously appeared on the reality show “Temptation Island,” told Yontef that she met Wade after DMing her to tell her she liked her music. “She did say, like, ‘the only reason why I answered your DM is because you had a blue check mark and you had X amount of followers.’ And she thought I was hot,” Cannon alleged of Wade.

Cannon claimed she dated Wade for eight “rocky” months. Sometime during that period, Wade met Richards. Cannon told Yontef she does not think Richards was a factor in her breakup from Wade, but she noted that the singer did invite the RHOBH star to go to an awards ceremony with her right after their split.

“I mean, I think that it definitely showcases how close they are,” Cannon said. “Regardless of what their relationship consists of, that hurt a lot to see that they had matching rings and matching tattoos. I will say that it hurt, for what that’s worth. I mean it hurt like hell because I do think that is indicative of how close they are. So whatever capacity, whatever goes on behind closed doors, whatever that is, they’re very, obviously, very, very close.”

Cannon also told Yontef that she does not think the friendship is a PR stunt, but she does question why the two haven’t done more to shut down speculation about their relationship.

“I feel like they almost are dangling a carrot,” she said. “You know, it’s just like they’re … how do I word this? They’re not making it seem like that’s not the case, right?  Like they’re not debunking, like they’re not doing a lot to debunk the people’s like, rumors, or like, why did the rumors even start, because there was a certain image kind of being portrayed.”

Cannon did clarify that she does not know for sure if Wade and Richards are more than friends. “The only people that can speak on the nature of their relationship is Morgan and Kyle,” Cannon added. “I am not involved.”

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