Fans Beg Kyle Richards to Stop Getting Plastic Surgery After New Pic

Kyle Richards

Peacock Kyle Richards

Fans noticed “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Kyle Richards looked different in a recent Instagram photo from Hawaii.

On April 7, 2022, Richards posted a vacation snap with noticeably puckered lips.

“I swear I’m not alone on this vacation. Here for the opening of the @theagencymaui,” she wrote on Instagram.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Slam Kyle Richards for More Face Alterations ‘Please No More Lip Injections’

Many fans took to the comments to voice their opinions about her lips.

“Please no more lip injections,” someone wrote.

“What happened to your lips?” someone wrote with a shocked emoji.

“Your lips look weird,” someone pointed out. Another fan agreed writing, “Yuck she does.”

“You look great. Why did you do that to your lips?” someone wrote. “Now you just look like the rest of them. Too bad.”

“Omg cloning into lisa vp,” a fan wrote.

“I was about to comment please don’t get any more ‘work’ done to@your face,” a fan said.

“Beautiful as always, but please no more to the lips, you don’t need to,” someone said.

“Wow You don’t quite like you. Perhaps a new artist. Not bad just different,” someone pointed out.

“Ohh no, what happened to the lips!!!” another fan wrote.

“Looks like some got a huge batch of lip injections,” a commenter wrote.

The Next Day Kyle Richards Promoted an ‘Expensive’ Lip Plumper That Wasn’t Lisa Rinna’s New Product

The day after posting her vacation picture, Richards posted an ad for lip plumper.

“Still obsessed with my lip transformation thanks to @ourselfskin Lip Filler, a plumper that restores the hyaluronic acid you lose from your lips as you get older,” Richards wrote on Instagram. “It gives you natural-looking, fuller, smoother and more defined lips—without injections. Developed by a team of biotech and medical aesthetics experts, their Subtopical Plumping Technology delivers hyaluronic acid to the layer of skin where its needed most. I’m genuinely blown away by my results.”

Fans took to the comments there to slam the product and Richards.

“Very expensive,” someone wrote. Another fan agreed with the price writing, “I don’t understand why these things cost so much money on hyaluronic acid is so inexpensive.”

“Enough with the promotions! Don’t you make enough $$$???” someone else wrote.

“That’s not natural and you know it,” a fan wrote.

“still looks pretty injected . . .” another fan pointed out.

“Like anyone would honestly get these ‘results’ like Kyle’s duck lips here with just a topical product?” someone said.

Many fans asked why Richards wasn’t promoting her friend Lisa Rinna’s lip kit and what Rinna thinks about the promotion.

“How does @lisarinna feel about this?” a fan said.

“Is it better then @lisarinna ? Mention it all,” someone wrote.

“Still Not Hyping Rinna’s Plumping Junk???” a fan commented.

“How does @lisarinna feel about you promoting this brand instead of her plumper?,” someone asked.

“The Rinna shade! YES GIRL YES! We don’t like her!” a fan wrote.

“Thats a slap in the face-promoting other brand!” someone else said.

“What’s wrong with Rinnas,” someone asked.

“Moving in on Rinnas business?” someone else wrote.

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