Kyle Richards Explains Her Reaction to Sutton Stracke’s Miscarriage Story

Kyle Richards

Getty Kyle Richards.

Kyle Richards has apologized for her behavior on the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” episode, “Calamity Jayne.”

On the July 6, 2022 episode of the long-running reality show, the Bravo star found herself in the middle of an intense conversation between her co-stars Sutton Stracke and Diana Jenkins after a night of drinking at Garcelle Beauvais’ 55th birthday party.

In a clip from the episode posted by, Richards was seen questioning her longtime friend’s comments to the newcomer, and the fallout has not been pretty.

Here’s what you need to know:

Kyle Richards Insinuated that Sutton Stracke Lied About Having 2 Miscarriages

Jenkins is a new cast member on RHOBH. Earlier this season, she had a one-on-one conversation with Richards in which she gave details about a tragic miscarriage she suffered. According to Screenrant, Jenkins revealed that five months after giving birth to her daughter Eliyanah, she found out she was pregnant, but that the child was stillborn.

In a group text, Jenkins later told her co-stars that her doctors put her on bed rest following a cast trip to Mexico according to E! News. But when she unexpectedly showed up at Beauvais’ birthday party, Stracke was confused.

On the “Calamity Jayne” episode, Stracke confronted Jenkins about her bed rest story, and Richards crashed the conversation.

“I’m so sorry that you lost your baby,” Stracke told Jenkins. “I’m just trying to reach out to you because I understand this in a way. I’ve lost two babies.”

But Richards interrupted to question Stracke’s claim.

“You’ve lost two babies? I’ve never heard this before,” Richards said.

After Stracke confirmed that she had two miscarriages and that it was “a very personal thing,” Richards issued a strange response.

“I love you, but this feels like bulls***,” the mom of four said. “You’re going to say you lost two babies? Out of the blue, you say that. We don’t know that!”

She also grabbed Stracke and pointed in her face as she questioned her. Stracke called Richards’ reaction to her disclosure “really mean,” and in a confessional she revealed that her longtime friend’s insinuation that she lied about her miscarriages broke her heart.

Fans lashed out on social media.

“Kyle accusing Sutton of Lying about her miscarriages is one of the darkest accusations ever. Kyle Richards went to the gutter level,” one viewer tweeted.

“Wow! This is a new low even for Kyle,” another agreed. “Manhandling Sutton and telling her she’s lying about her 2 miscarriages. …Now THAT is soulless behavior.”

Kyle Richards Apologized to Sutton Stracke Both On & Off-Camera

Richards did apologize to Stracke for the misunderstanding later in the episode, revealing that she didn’t realize Stracke was trying to connect with Jenkins by sharing her personal miscarriage story. Amid the social media backlash, the “Halloween” star issued an explanation on her Instagram story. On July 5, hours before the full episode aired on Bravo, Richards addressed the disturbing clips “floating around online.”

“When Diana was sharing her story about having a miscarriage I was taken aback because I felt like Sutton wasn’t letting Diana have her moment to share what she had just recently gone through,” she wrote.

Richards acknowledged that she “obviously had a few drinks “and didn’t express herself clearly. “I was disappointed in the way I handled myself altogether,” she admitted.

Richards revealed that the next day she “realized that maybe Sutton was sharing her story with Diana to connect with her in some way.”

“I immediately called Sutton and apologized to her,” the RHOBH veteran revealed. “I consider Sutton a close friend and care about her a lot. Sutton accepted my apology and we moved on,” she added.

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E Fabry
E Fabry
22 days ago

That wasn’t an apology – it was Kyle making it all about herself AGAIN, and once again taking ZERO accountability for her actions. She verbally & physically assaulted Sutton.
Kyle & Mauricio thinking it’s funny and great that Erika told Garcelle’s son to GTFO repeatedly is DISTURBING and shows their true character.

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