Kyle Richards ‘Unrecognizable’ in Coachella Photos

Kyle Richards

Getty Kyle Richards.

Kyle Richards posed for photos at Coachella, and some fans didn’t recognize her. The 53-year-old “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star attended the annual music festival with several pals and her husband, Mauricio Umansky, but it was her youthful looks—and outfit—that caught the attention of fans.

“Every year I say it’s my last Coachella  Richards captioned a photo from the festival. “#imbaaaaaack #hatersletmelive.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Some Fans Said Kyle Richards Looked Different in the Coachella Photos

Richards is known for her youthful looks, and she has been open about what she does to stay young. In October 2020, the RHOBH star responded to fan speculation about why she looked different in photos.

According to, Richards shared an update on her Instagram story.

“Since so many of you were speculating what I did or did not do to my face…here is your answer. I fixed my nose,” she wrote. “I broke it last September and the bone poking out bothered me. So I fixed the bone, fixed my breathing problems, and refined the tip.”

“I will always tell you guys the truth,” she added. “I did think some of the comments on my posts are funny though.”

Richards has also credited laser treatments and platelet-rich plasma facials for her younger-looking skin.

In a 2018 Instagram post, the mom of four also revealed that she enhanced her smile with veneers. “No, my teeth weren’t bad,” she told fans. “But they were smaller and didn’t show enough when I smiled and it bothered me.”

Despite her past explanations, some fans revealed that they barely recognized Richards in new photos posted from the Coachella festival. One fan admitted to having to do a “double-take” at the photo before realizing it was Richards.

“I didn’t recognize Kyle,” one commenter wrote.

“I did not think this was her,” another wrote. “I kept holding the screen down to see if she was tagged. Looks nothing like her.”

“I agree that Kyle is unrecognizable lately. Trying so hard to look young,” another chimed in.

“I had to look twice but she is always gorgeous,” a fourth fan wrote.

Another commenter asked “what happened” to Kyle’s face.

“That looks like filler in her face to me,” a commenter wrote.

“I thought that too. Looks like filler. She’ll ruin her natural beauty,” another added.

“Pease tell Kyle to stop … she was always the stunning one now she looks so pulled …” another fan wrote.

“I was thinking same. Too much botox and pulled? Doesn’t look right,” another agreed.

“If we compare her face from the first season of BH & now, it’s a different face, even the teeth!“ another wrote.

Kyle Richards Responded to Criticisms of Her Outfit

In addition to the comments about her looks, Richards heard it from fans regarding her outfit. The Bravo star wore fringed jeans shorts and stylish green cowboy boots to the festival, but some felt the shorts were unflattering.

After one follower wrote, “Outfit ain’t it sis,” Richards replied to the negative comment.

“Bruh… sometimes I struggle,” Richards wrote.

“At least you own your honesty you could’ve done better and you know it,” the commenter added, to which Richards admitted, “I actually couldn’t. I tried.”

Another follower told Richards to “act your age.”

“It’s more for the younger crowd,” another wrote of the music festival. “U are trying too hard.”

But others loved the look.

“You are literally aging in the other direction,” one fan told Richards.

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Anita Weissman
Anita Weissman
3 months ago

The amazing thing is not how she looks. It’s that she is literally old enough (or older) to be the mother of the others attending Coachella. Beyond being photo thirsty, why is she there? And, Kyle, pointing that out is not being a hater. It is asking a legitimate question.

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