Kyle Richards Shows Fans Exactly What She Did to Lose Weight

Kyle Richards

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Kyle Richards gave new details on how she lost weight.

The 54-year-old “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star has been making headlines for her weight loss and toned body after she several bikini and gym photos in January 2023.

On February 7, 2023, the mom of four gave fans more details on her newly fit body with a series of posts on her Instagram story.

Here’s what you need to know:

Kyle Richards Shared a Photo of What She Eats in a Day

In the post on her story, Richards shared a photo of a plate with a piece of fish on it alongside cooked carrots, broccoli, and green beans.

“So many DMS asking about my workout routine & meal suggestions,” she captioned the photo. “This was my lunch today…fish and vegetables. Dinner was chicken breast and salad.” She also noted that she had “lots of water” with her meal.

Richards also revealed that she is not a fan of eating breakfast.

“I’m not a big breakfast person but after my workout I would have eggs or a smoothie with protein powder,” she wrote. “Also, a lot of you asking if I eat fruit and the answer is yes.”

When another fan asked her if she cut out alcohol, pasta, and bread, she added, “Correct. No rice either. Basically protein, vegetables, and fruit.”

Richards has not totally cut out pasta. She reposted a comment from a fan that spotted her at Serafina in New York City “looking so gorgeous and tiny.” “So kind to everyone, ate the pasta (she said it’s her fave in NY!)” the fan wrote of the RHOBH star.

While she’s still about the pasta, alcohol could be another story. When a fan asked her if she misses alcohol, Richards replied, “Truth is I don’t miss it at all. I didn’t put a time frame on when or if I will start it again. I feel amazing so don’t see the point right now. It will be 7 months on 2/15.” She also confirmed she does not miss drinking her former favorite adult beverage, margaritas, “at all.”

In another Instagram story, Richards told fans that she likes to snack on “apples with peanut butter, fruit, raw nuts and carrots and hummus.” She also addressed whether she plans to “not drink” when RHOBH filming stars.

“I don’t plan on it,” she replied. “With that said, some of these women have been known to drive someone to drink.”

Richards previously told fans during a January 2022 Amazon Live that she decided to cut out sugar, carbs, and alcohol after gaining weight while vacationing in Europe. She noted that she had only planned to change her diet temporarily just to lose weight, but now that she feels so good she decided to keep it up.

Kyle Richards Also Detailed Her Workout Routine

Richards also shared a workout regimen from trainer Cory Gregory. The workouts include walking and running on an incline, exercises using weights and ab and bicycle crunches. On his Instagram page, Gregory credited Richards’ good friend, singer Morgan Wade, for connecting them. “I enjoy working with anyone that wants to train hard & get better,” he wrote.

Richards noted that her morning workouts are usually one to two hours long, depending on how much time she has. “I go to bed early so I can wake up early,” she wrote. “But even a short workout is better than nothing.”

In another Instagram story shared on February 8, 2023, Richards revealed that she loves to ride her Peleton bike.  “I use it about 3 times a week now and I used to do some of the strength training but not anymore,” she wrote. “I do love an arms and intervals class when I am short on time.

During her Amazon Live, Richards said she likes to mix things up with her workouts with Peleton, a long ab routine, and weights. “And then I will run, either outside or—depending on the weather—or I will run on the treadmill.”

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