Kyle Richards Slams ‘Frustrating’ Rumors About Her Weight Loss

Kyle Richards

Getty Kyle Richards in 2023.

Kyle Richards said she’s frustrated by rumors about her weight loss.

“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star, 54, spoke out while on the red carpet for the Red Dress Collection in February, 2023.

In a Feb. 1 interview with “Extra,” Richards admitted she is tired of gossip about her weight and speculation that she used a quick fix to shed pounds.

“I cannot stand people saying that, because people that know me know that I’m up every day at like 5, 6 a.m. at the latest. That’s a late morning 6 a.m.,“ she said.  “I’m in the gym for two hours. I really put a lot of effort into my diet and exercise and taking care of myself, so when people like to think I took the easy way out, it’s frustrating to me.”

“Sometimes I can turn my cheek the other way and ignore it, but no, I work really hard and it really bothers me,” she added.

Richards previously shut down speculation that she used the diabetes drug Ozempic to lose weight. “I am NOT taking Ozempic. Never have,” she wrote on Instagram in January. But speculation has been rampant about how she changed her body in a relatively short time.

Kyle Richards Said She Hopes to Inspire Others

In the “Extra” interview, Richards said she “would like to be able to be an inspiration to people, so don’t think I took the easy way out.”

She added that she made the life-changing decision to focus on her health last summer.

“I decided in July okay this is it, and I was just eating really well and exercising every single day, not missing, and no alcohol,” she said. “And you know, sleeping very early and waking up really early and hitting the gym for two hours a day.”

“I’m just doing my best,” she added, before encouraging fans to follow what she is doing.

“I’ve been posting my workout routine,” she added. “I don’t know if it’s for everybody, but you know what, it’s working for me and it makes me happy.”

Richards has been tagging her trainer, Cory Gregory, in her Instagram stories.

Kyle Richards Previously Revealed Her Dietary Changes

In January 2023, Richards posted several bikini photos and gym selfies which prompted fans to ask her what she is doing to get in shape. According to People, she commented to one fan: “NO alcohol, bread, pasta, sugar. I eat protein, fruit and vegetables.”

“Now that I am the weight I want to be, I will have the occasional small amount of pasta etc once in a while. But no alcohol since July 15,” she added.

Richards revealed it was a trip to Europe that prompted her to change her habits.

“After gaining weight during the summer, on July 15, I got off the boat and I said, ‘That is it. I’m not having any sugar, any carbs, any alcohol.’ I thought for maybe, you know, two, three weeks until I lost weight,” she revealed on the “Two T’s in a Pod” podcast on January 23, 2023. “But then I was losing weight, I was working out every single day, and I started losing weight and I felt so good, I’m like, ‘Why would I go back to that?’”

In a February 2023 interview with Hollywood Life, Richards said she is “very aware” of what she puts into her body due to a family history of cancer. “I eat really well,” she said. “I work out every day. I’m usually in the gym for about two hours a day. …It’s really, really important for women to exercise and to eat right. I can’t stress that enough.”

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