Controversial RHONY Star Doesn’t Think She Will Be Recast

RHONY cast.

Bravo One RHONY star doesn't think she will be invited back.

The “Real Housewives of New York” is getting a bit of a facelift with the show as fans know it getting a completely new cast and Bravo adding on a legacy version that will feature New York Housewives from the past.

“We talked about everything. There were people who really wanted: ‘Let’s just totally start over.’ And then there were people who were like, ‘Wait a minute, but what about this group that we’ve invested 13 years in?’ I think that’s why this is really listening to everybody,” executive producer Andy Cohen told Variety in March 2022.

“We have a pretty active research department at Bravo. So I will say when research comes to the programming execs, it’s usually not that surprising given what we’re already hearing,” he added.

Since then, there have been all kinds of rumors about which Housewives will be a part of the legacy cast and which newbies might be cast on the RHONY reboot, but no definitive decisions have been made.

There is one cast member, however, that just doesn’t think she will be back — and that’s Leah McSweeney.

Here’s what you need to know:

McSweeney Has Made Peace With Leaving RHONY in the Past

On the May 12, 2022, episode of the “We Should Talk” podcast, McSweeney opened up a bit about her future in reality television, specifically on Bravo’s “Real Housewives” franchise.

“I think I’m not coming back. It’s just the better way to think about it,” she said.

“I mean look, I have to see if they offer me to go back, I have to wait to see who’s on it and which show it is, and whatever … you know I can’t think the what if,” she added.

McSweeney went on to say that she would be “bummed” to not be invited back, explaining that her second season on the show “was just not fun,” and suggesting that she’d like an opportunity to enjoy her time with the other women.

“I mean maybe the show’s not supposed to be fun though I don’t know… I wanna have fun on my last season, but yeah I just think, OK, I’m not going back,” she concluded.

OG Housewife Bethenny Frankel Says She Won’t Return to RHONY

While the ball may not be in McSweeney’s court when it comes to her return, there is one RHONY star who has made the decision not to return to the program in any capacity — on her own terms.

Fans had been hoping that RHONY OG Bethenny Frankel would be a part of the legacy show, but she has made it very clear that she has no intentions of returning.

“I’m just so proud of myself that I really can honestly say there is no amount of money to do something that you don’t love,” Bethenny said on the May 13, 2022, episode of her “Just B” podcast.

“I’m now that person that can actually say, ‘I’ve really taken so many things off the board to focus on what makes me happy and not do the things that don’t,'” she added.

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