Real Housewife Shades Katie Maloney-Schwartz

Getty A Real Housewife is shading Katie Maloney-Schwartz.

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Lisa Barlow is firing back at Vanderpump Rules cast member Katie Maloney-Schwartz. Early in the RHOSLC season, Barlow self-proclaimed herself the “Sundance Queen,” in reference to the annual Sundance Film Festival that takes place in Park City. Barlow planned and managed various parties throughout the week.

But Maloney-Schwartz – a Park City, Utah native – suggested that Barlow may not be the queen that she thinks she is. “They refer to Lisa as the Sundance queen, saying, ‘If you want to get into any party at Sundance, you’ve gotta know Lisa. You’ve gotta kiss the ring,’” Maloney-Schwartz said on her Instagram after watching the premiere, as recorded by the Queens of Bravo Instagram account.

The 33-year-old Vanderpump Rules star added, “I’m from Park City, where the Sundance Film Festival takes place, and that may not make a lot of a difference but still, I’ve been to a lot of parties there [and I’ve] never heard this woman’s name. There are people’s names who I know to use and she’s definitely not one of them. Just saying.”

Barlow addressed Maloney-Schwartz’s comment on an episode of the Behind the Velvet Rope podcast with David Yontef on Thursday, February 4. “Well, she has to ask to get in a place,” Barlow told Yongef. “Like, I mean, that’s weird. You have to know someone at the door to get in a place. Like, I think that’s weird. And you know, she’s probably not at the parties I’m putting on either.”

She continued saying, “She probably works with different people than I do. Oh well, not everyone has to know who I am…. [but] she does now.”

Barlow Sang Her Praises for Another ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star

Barlow and Maloney-Schwartz may not be the best of friends, but Barlow may be hoping to ignite a friendship with one of her cast members. The Vida Tequila owner expressed interest in getting to know Vanderpump Rules star – and fellow Salt Lake City native – Lala Kent.

“I think Lala Kent is beautiful,” Barlow shared on the Behind the Velvet Rope podcast. “Like, her face is just gorgeous. When I look at Lala Kent I’m like, quintessential Utah girl, like, flawless face. I think Utah girls are so gorgeous and Lala is hands down flawless. Her face to me is perfect.”

Maloney-Schwartz & Kent Met Some of the RHOSLC Members

Barlow may not be best friends with Maloney-Schwartz or Kent yet, but some of her RHOSLC co-stars may be getting closer. Both Vanderpump Rules stars payed homage to their home state and made an appearance on RHOSLC during the episode on Wednesday, December 16.

The two spent a night at cast member Jen Shah’s home for a party she was hosting during the Sundance Film Festival week in late January. RHOSLC cast member Whitney Rose invited the two, and mentioned she knew them through mutual friends.

While on the episode, Maloney-Schwartz and Kent encouraged RHOSLC cast member Heather Gay to get her flirt on. The two former SUR employees chatted with Shah and Rose while Gay chatted with a male party attendee. Gay posted a photo on Instagram with the three of them at the red carpet outside of Shah’s house. She captioned the photo, “Teamwork makes the dream work! Thank you ladies!! #ittakesavillage”

Maloney-Schwartz posted the same photo and added the caption, “The only picture from this night but the memories and friends made are much more!” Gay commented under the photo, “Damn Gina!! This was a great night with the best wingmen ever. 😘 #Repthe801” Fellow Vanderpump Rules star James Kennedy showed his support for the crossover by commenting three fire emojis.

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