Lisa Barlow Sounds off on Twitter Troll

Lisa Barlow

Getty Lisa Barlow fired back at a fan on Twitter.

Lisa Barlow, the star of “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City,” fired back at a fan on Twitter who criticized her husband.

Lisa routinely interacts with fans on Twitter, often sending hearts, likes and comments to the people who tag and support her. But in early October she had a harsh reply for critics of her husband, John Barlow, tweeting that “he can do whatever the f*** he wants.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Lisa Barlow Called a Troll a ‘Little B****’ After Someone Accused Her Husband John Barlow of Not Having a Job

“What does John Barlow do? Other than follow Lisa around,” a fan tweeted on September 29.

Lisa saw the tweet and replied on October 7.

“Lol…. I’m going to chime in here,” she tweeted. “John Barlow is boss. He’s not punching time clocks and doesn’t report to anyone. He’s an OWNER – he can do whatever the f*** he wants and sometimes that’s hanging with me.” She added a photo she claimed is the original poster with John and added, “And she should know this is her drinking VIDA at our party with the owner.”

Another fan tweeted, “He can do whatever he wants except for speaking for himself apparently” with a meme of Dorinda Medley’s iconic “clip” moment.

Lisa replied to that, as well, saying, “He’s good at that too, little b****,” with heart emojis.

The same fan replied, “So if I put little cute hearts at the end I can call you a little b**** too? Not into that but you’ve got a history of calling people names so not surprised. Have a nice day” to which Lisa responded, “It’s not hard to guess who this fake account is.”

Later, fans came to the defense of John and Lisa.

That same day, Lisa posted a photo of John that appears to be him giving a talk at work, standing up and speaking to a crowd with a bottle of their Vida Tequila in hand. “Cheers to the weekend” she captioned the photo. A fan replied, “Let them haters know what’s up. You and John BOTH work your a**** off and we all know it.” Lisa replied, “Yup!”

Another fan replied to the photo, “Are you trying to prove John actually does something besides move furniture for you,” along with two laughing emojis. Lisa replied, “I think he looks cute.”

Another fan commented on the post, “I think imo he is genuinely as nice and kind as he is portrayed on RHOSLC, he has an alpha wife whom he loves and adores so he is chill and relaxed, enjoying his life and accomplishments. I don’t understand hurting him at all. Merideth and Seth separated and it’s known.” Lisa replied with a heart and prayer emoji hands.

Lisa & John Met Through Lisa’s Sister: ‘My Gorgeous Sister Had Amazing Taste & I’m So Glad I Got to Meet John Through Her’

Lisa and John have been married since 2003.

They both went to the same university but didn’t meet until after graduation — and after John had gone on a date with Lisa’s sister.

“Next thing you know, I leave Utah, move back to New York, John Barlow is in New York,” Lisa said in a November 2021 Q & A with Bravo. “I move to Chicago, John Barlow is in Chicago. We both end up back in Utah. … One night he [asks] me to the movies. We get out of the car, we start holding hands and we have not stopped since.”

Lisa addressed John’s date with her sister on Twitter.

“John didn’t date my sister. They went on one date,” she tweeted on January 9. She added, “Everyone in my family loves John. My gorgeous sister had amazing taste and I’m so glad I got to meet John through her.”

John and Lisa Barlow share two children, Jack and Henry.

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