LOOK: Fans Think Lisa Barlow Looks Unrecognizable in ‘Photoshopped’ Flashback Photo

Lisa Barlow

Bravo Lisa Barlow on WWHL.

Fans were shocked after seeing two flashback photos posted by “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” star, Lisa Barlow.

On Sunday, January 9, 2022, Lisa shared two flashback photos to her Instagram story and one of her and her husband John grew some criticism from the fans over allegations the images were edited.

Here’s everything we know:

Fans Slammed Lisa for Getting Nose Job ‘How Many Faces Ago Was That?’

A fan shared the photo of John and Lisa on a Reddit thread and the fans went wild in the comments speculating at everything from nose jobs to editing.

“How can this be from back in the day but look so photoshopped to hell and back at the same time?” a fan wrote in the comments.

“Lol she posted this on her story so she prob did some touch ups to the original lmaoo,” a fan replied.

“Lmao my thoughts exactly. I feel like I can’t even see Lisa’s face in this despite knowing it’s her,” another fan wrote.

“I didn’t know face tune was that old!” someone else commented.

“Everything about this screams photoshop and it kills me,” a fan wrote. “Did they take a recent photo and airbrush them to look younger? So many highlighting marks!” another fan questioned. 

“It looks like this was once a picture of Lisa with her ex that John photoshopped his face into,” a fan wrote.

Some fans commented about the way the pair looked in the old photo.

“Eyebrows plucked for the gawds,” someone wrote. “They look like they belong on a Soap Opera,” another fan wrote. 

“He is giving me Jesus’s 1000-yard stare on a prayer card vibes and she is giving me early aughts Vivid porn star vibes. I love that!” another fan wrote.

“She’s giving us poseur and self-obsessed,” a fan wrote. “He’s giving us uncomfortable and dominated. Some things never change.”

Some fans pointed out that Lisa looked like she had a nose job.

“That is not the nose she currently wears on her face,” someone wrote. “RAN to the comments to see if anyone else thought this!” a fan replied.

How many faces ago was that?? She looks like a different person!” someone else wrote.

“A shame Lisa got the nose job – I really like her original one,” a fan wrote. “I love her pre-surgery nose here! She is preternaturally stunning, but with more character here!” another fan wrote. 

Jen Shah & Lisa Get Into a Blowout Fight on RHOSLC Cliffhanger

On season 2 episode 16 the ladies were traveling to Zion National Park on a bus (yes, the same bus) and things got heated between Jen Shan and Lisa.

“Jen, I can’t go backwards. Listen, you and I have talked,” Lisa said to Jen, trying to subdue her.

“Shut the f—k up!” Jen screamed.

“OK, fine. I’ll shut the f—k up,” Jen replied.

The episode ended with both the ladies on their feet and Jen being held back from approaching Lisa.

“Get out of my way,” Jen screamed at Lisa. “Push me one more f—king time, bitch!”

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