‘Real Housewives’ Star Wants Husband to Pay Legal Bills in Messy Divorce

lisa hochstein divorce update

Canva Lisa Hochstein's divorce from Dr. Lenny Hochstein continues to be contentious.

The Real Housewives of Miami” star Lisa Hochstein wants her estranged husband, Dr. Lenny Hochstein, to pay for her legal bills as their bitter divorce continues to grow more contentious. The plastic surgeon filed for divorce from his wife in May 2022, court records obtained by Heavy show.

Lawyers for the two sides have been trading barbs in court filings since the couple’s split. They are battling over custody of their two young children and a prenuptial agreement that Lisa Hochstein is trying to get thrown out.

At one point, Lenny Hochstein sought to have Lisa kicked out of their $52 million home, saying the prenup requires her to vacate the home. He offered to buy her a new house or pay for her rent, according to court documents, but Lisa is fighting to stay. The couple had been married for 12 years.

When the divorce was made public, Lenny Hochstein told Page Six, “Lisa and I are getting divorced. A few weeks ago, I denied this because because I am trying my best to protect my family during this process. This is a very difficult time, and I would ask for some privacy so that we can best take care of our children who mean the world to us.” Lisa Hochstein told Page Six, “With two young children involved, as a mom I’m going to focus all of my energy and time on them. I’m blindsided by his behavior and reckless handling of the situation.”

Lisa Hochstein Says Lenny Makes Millions of Dollars Each Year, While Lenny Hochstein Says She’s Paid ‘Upwards of $30,000’ Per ‘Real Housewives’ Episode

Leonard Hochstein

Carlos Barrios/GettyLisa Hochstein and Dr. Lenny Hochstein

In the new court documents, a motion for temporary attorney fees and costs filed in October, Lisa Hochstein’s attorney says “There is no question the husband is the financial breadwinner and provider for the family. The husband earns millions of dollars each and every year. … While the husband has paid his professionals, including his predecessor and current law firm and forensic accountant, well in excess of $100,000.., the husband has not advanced an initial retainer to the wife’s forensic accountant and is not paying the professional fees of the wife.”

Her lawyer adds, “The wife has a need for payment of professional fees and costs. the husband certainly has the greater ability to pay the wife’s professional fees.” The lawyer cites Florida law that says a judge can order a party to pay for the other party’s attorney fees and costs so both sides can obtain similar access to counsel and legal assistance.

In response to Lisa Hochstein’s motion, Lenny’s attorneys wrote in court documents, “It shocks the conscious that wife, who has been the recipient and beneficiary of more than adequate support, after five months of opulent living, comes before the court requesting for even greater sums of support. Wife’s request and the resulting litigation is a waste of husband’s time and a waste of this court’s time and resources.”

He said in court documents he has paid more than $450,000 in support since they separated on May 1, including $188,000 she spent on a credit card they jointly maintain and he pays for, $50,000 for nannies and housekeeping staff and $10,000 in cash given to Lisa Hochstein, court filings obtained by Heavy show.

The response adds, “It should not be lost upon the court that, to date, wife has produced no financial documentation or materials which detail, explain or substantiate wife’s assented claims. Wife claims a need for even more support but has failed to provide any documents regarding her income and financial ability or supporting her need for even further support to date. … It is undisputed that wife earns significant income as a television star and personality.”

Lenny Hochstein says Lisa Hochstein earns “upwards of $30,000 per episode for each installment of ‘Real Housewives of Miami,” according to the court documents. Lenny Hochstein’s lawyers asked the judge to instead make Lis Hochstein pay his attorney fees’ and costs related to the motion she filed.

The Divorce Is Featured Prominently in a Teaser for the Upcoming ‘Real Housewives of Miami’ Season as Lisa Hochstein Also Deals With a Restraining Order Filed by Lenny Hochstein’s Boyfriend

The Hochsteins’ divorce is featured prominently in the trailer for the upcoming season of “Real Housewives of Miami.” The trailer features a clip from 2012 of Hochstein saying, “My husband is a top plastic surgeon in this town and I’m his best creation.” It then shows her saying, “In the blink of an eye, my life changed.”

Lisa Hochstein is also fighting another court battle involving Lenny Hochstein’s girlfriend, model Katharina Mazepa. Mazepa, who said in court documents that she started dating Lenny after he separated from the “RHOM” star, filed for an order of protection against Lisa in July 2022.

Mazepa accused Lisa Hochstein of making threatening phone calls and harassing her with posts on social media using fake Instagram accounts, according to court documents obtained by Heavy. Lisa Hochstein has denied any wrongdoing. A hearing is scheduled for November 28, 2022, in Miami-Dade County court, records show.

The trailer for the upcoming “Real Housewives” season features Hochstein’s castmates asking her if there’s “anyone else involved.” She then can be heard saying, “She’s dating her now,” an apparent reference to Mazepa. In court filings, Mazepa accused Lisa Hochstein of threatening to use her status on the reality show to damage her reputation, according to documents obtained by Heavy.

Hochstein can be heard saying in the trailer, “I’m losing my best friend, I’m losing my husband to another woman.” She can also be seen talking on the phone saying, “If you bring that girl anywhere near my f***** kids, there’s going to be a huge f***** problem. You understand me?”

Season 5 of “The Real Housewives of Miami” streams on Peacock on December 8, 2022.

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