Sutton Stracke Reveals What Lisa Rinna Said During Erika Jayne Argument in Aspen

Lisa Rinna

Getty Images Lisa Rinna wanted to get Erika Jayne out of the Aspen fight.

The “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” stars had plenty of ups and downs during the cast trip to Aspen, Colorado. The women enjoyed some time out on the slopes and also got into a fairly heated argument after dinner one evening.

It all started when Garcelle Beauvais called Erika Jayne over to talk about her court case. While Beauvais didn’t want to get into the legalities of it all, she did want Erika to explain to the other women why she doesn’t feel that she needed to return a pair of earrings that may have been purchased with money that was embezzled by her ex.

Erika explained that she isn’t even sure the victims are telling the truth and that she’s waiting for the case through litigation before she expresses any sort of concern for anyone but herself. This upset several of her friends, including Crystal Minkoff and Kyle Richards.

Lisa Rinna was sitting on a couch with Sutton Stracke, Sheree Zampino, and Kyle Richards and she was trying to figure out how to remove Erika from the situation. During the RHOBH After Show, Stracke revealed what Rinna was saying while everything was going down.

Here’s what you need to know:

Rinna Said the Fight Wasn’t ‘Good’ for Anyone

As Erika continued getting more upset with her co-stars, Rinna was in the background trying to figure out how to get her friend out of the situation before things got even worse.

“I was sitting on the sofa with Lisa and she kept saying, ‘this is not good. this is not good for any of us,'” Stracke said. She recalled thinking, “I was like, ‘why is this not good for any of us?'”

Moments later, Rinna and Dorit Kemsley got their things together and were able to get Erika out of the house and away from the argument.

“I was actually very grateful that you, Lisa ,and Diana walked me out because I was really ready to keep fighting it out,” Erika said to Kemsley on the After Show.

“At that point, you know, when you see that something is just not going in the right direction and it’s not going to get any better, it’s best at that point just to kind of diffuse the situation. And it was already late. And so we took Erika out,” Kemsley recalled.

Erika Explained Why She Got so Heated

If you’ve watched RHOBH for the past several seasons, chances are you’ve seen Erika lose her cool from time to time. On the RHOBH After Show, she explained why she let things get to her in Aspen.

“Here’s what I don’t like. I’m tired of two years of trying to explain things to people and them not wanting to hear, not wanting to listen, and continuously pressing and asking questions,” she said.

“At some point, you throw your hands up and you go, ‘you know what? I’m done. Nothing I say is good enough. There are no answers here that anyone is listening to. You cannot listen to reason. And you’re continuously pressing me about things that A number one you know I cannot answer,” she explained.

She said that the best decision for her was to leave the house that night.

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Michele Creel
Michele Creel
12 days ago

Maybe if Erika showed a little bit of compassion, she would look more human than a piece of dog poop! Not once have I heard her say I feel bad for those people that lost their lives and no money has been sent to the survivor’s and family members!! We know it is not of her doing put for GOD SAKES show a little heart for these people!! The look is not good for her, the more she throws tantrums the more people dislike. I think she will wreck her career; I am so surprised she is still on Housewives, and they continue with her story line. DISRESPECTFULL!!!!!

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