RHOBH Alum Reveals What Lisa Rinna & Erika Jayne Should Do Next

Lisa Rinna Erika Jayne

Bravo Lisa Rinna and Erika Jayne.

A former star from “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” has some ideas about what two of the show’s most controversial cast members should do with their careers.

Kathryn Edwards was a cast member on the Bravo reality show in season 6, where she co-starred with Kyle Richards, Lisa Vanderpump, Lisa Rinna, Yolanda Hadid, Eileen Davidson, and fellow newcomer Erika Jayne.

Edwards was let go from RHOBH in 2016, after one season, according to Us Weekly, but she remains a fan of the show – and she recently offered up some advice to Rinna and Erika Jayne after their most volatile season ever.

Kathryn Edwards Has Some Career Advice for Lisa Rinna & Erika Jayne

Kathryn Edwards

GettyKathryn Edwards.

Rinna and Erika Jayne both had rocky RHOBH seasons. Rinna was called a bully by Kathy Hilton after she claimed the socialite had a “psychotic break” in front of her off-camera. And Erika’s ongoing legal drama with her ex-husband, Tom Girardi, had some critics calling her unsympathetic to the victims of her ex’s alleged fraud crimes. Fans have called for both women to be fired from their roles on RHOBH.

In a November 2021 interview with the “Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef” podcast, Edwards talked about how “employable” Rinna and Erika Jayne will be after their rocky rides on RHOBH.

“What could she possibly do?” Edwards said of Erika. “She could do OnlyFans. She could, she could make a killing doing that. She should do that. … That’s what she should do. Go on OnlyFans.. Do whatever you do there and you know, and be done with it.”

OnlyFans is a paid subscription site that is often used for celebrities to post racy content for their fans, according to Complex. Former RHOBH star Denise Richards recently joined OnlyFans.

Edwards also had advice for Rinna, who in the past boasted about how she was paid millions to be in an ad for Depends adult diapers—and that it was her highest-paying gig ever,  according to BravoTV.com.

“Rinna, if she just takes the time off, takes the wigs, all the makeup off and goes back to her little short hair… and try to like channel her old self, maybe she can sell some more diapers,” Edwards said.

Edwards said she thinks Rinna’s career as a soap actress is done, despite the fact that she reprised her “Days of Our Lives” role in the “Beyond Salem” spinoff in 2021. She also noted that because Rinna has been on RHOBH for so long — and has been “good” at it —  the focus on her has been her role as a Real Housewife, which will not buy her any longevity outside of the Bravoverse.

“No one’s gonna say she was great on Housewives,” Edwards said of Rinna. “No one’s breaking down Housewives like we are where we’re like, ‘She is very good.’ She’s probably second to Bethenny Frankel on the franchise of all of them. You know. Who else overanalyzes Housewives like that?”

Kathryn Edwards Thinks the Return of Denise Richards Would Save Lisa Rinna

Denise Richards and Lisa Rinna

GettyDenise Richards and Lisa Rinna

While some fans think Rinna is done on Real Housewives, there has been no confirmation from Bravo – or the star herself. In November 2022, the Rinna Beauty founder was approached by TMZ and waved off a reporter who asked her if she wants to go back to RHOBH for season 13.

On “Behind the Velvet Rope,” Edwards pointed out that Rinna doesn’t have a “scandal” or anything else going on aside from taking down her other co-stars.  But she noted that if Denise Richards were to return for Season 13, that could be the best thing for Rinna because it would give her a storyline.

“If Denise came back, Rinna would gear up for that one with like boxing gloves,” Edwards told Yontef. “Oh, she would she’d revel in it. …She’s already the villain. …I don’t really know if anyone’s gonna ever feel sorry for her. Even if Denise came on to like take her down…”

Rinna’s long friendship with Richards has been estranged ever since she refused to back the “Wild Things” star amid rumors that she had an affair with former co-star Brandi Glanville.

Edwards added that Rinna and Erika Jayne have one big thing in common that has contributed to their long reigns on RHOBH.

“They are constantly pushing the envelope,” she said. “And that’s, maybe that’s what Erika and Rinna have in common is that they both do really dumb s***, you know, mean girl a**hole s***. And they make no apology. I mean, they’re, they’re like, ‘Yep, I did it. I said it…..I’m just me.’”

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