RHOBH Fans Want Lisa Rinna Off the Show

Lisa Rinna

Getty Images Fans want Lisa Rinna fired from "Real Housewives."

Several “Real Housewives” fans are done with Lisa Rinna.

The reality star has been causing a stir on season 12 of RHOBH and some fans are hoping that this is her last season. Rinna lost her mom, Lois Rinna, in November 2021, according to People magazine, and the aftermath has been a storyline for the reality star.

As Rinna tries to cope with the incredible loss, viewers have seen many different sides of her and some aren’t loving what they are seeing. Following an outburst at a charity dinner held at Dorit Kemsley’s home, a Reddit thread about Rinna was started and the comments prove that several fans are ready for Rinna to depart the show.

Here’s what you need to know:

Redditors Expressed Their Desire for Rinna to Leave the Franchise

It seems that there is one Housewife who fans get sick of on every franchise and, now, it’s Rinna’s turn. Several people are hoping that her time on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” is coming to a close and that this will be her last season. These fans of the show expressed such in a Reddit thread that was created on August 18, 2022.

“I’m actually uncomfortable with the level of disdain I feel for Rinna. I’m sending my therapy bill to Andy Cohen and Harry Hamlin,” one person wrote.

“I am not entertained. Please fire Rinna,” another comment read.

“I can’t stand her. She needs to be put on pause permanently. Am she’s a horrible actress can’t even squeeze a tear out when talking about her mom,” someone else added.

“She keeps blaming her behavior on her mother’s death, which is tragic…except…this is the same behavior she had when her mother was alive. So the fact that she’s blaming it on her death is really gross and pathetic,” a fourth Redditor said.

“Rinna doesn’t share any real personal drama. She’s not even a good actress so we can see right through the inflated theatrics. Also, hardly anything about her life is aspirational. Next,” echoed another.

Fans Previously Criticized Rinna After She Slammed Bravo Producers for not Properly Honoring Her Mom

It seems RHOBH fans have been upset with Rinna throughout season 12. In fact, in July 2022, The Sun reported that fans demanded she be fired after she slammed Bravo producers for their lackluster job at honoring her mom.

On her Instagram Stories, Rinna aired her grievances.

“I’m shocked we spent 3 episodes about the word dark, but only few scenes shown on real human grief,” she wrote. “I got one episode of grace. That’s it… Lois deserved and deserves much more. Shame on everyone,” Rinna added.

Fans didn’t take too kindly to Rinna’s post and many started demanding that she be let go from the franchise. Hundreds of comments filled up a Reddit thread after Rinna shared her feelings on social media, and many criticized her for what she said.

Things haven’t gotten better for Rinna who is having a very tough season. Many fans are fed up with her and some have even said that they are no longer watching the show because of Rinna.

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Frank Lameira
Frank Lameira
19 days ago

Lisa Rinna is toxic. So is Diana Jenkins and the amazon loser with the $750,000 earrings. If they got rid of all 3 of them it would be a day of celebration. Garcelle is the most balanced.

Elke Hill
Elke Hill
20 days ago

I love Rinna and hope they lose Sutton.

Janet korngable
Janet korngable
20 days ago

I have loved Lisa Rinna for what seems like a lifetime!! If she gets fired then I’ll quit watching. I just don’t understand WHY people don’t love her!?!? Maybe because she speaks her truth?!?! I want to call everyone bad names, but I can’t 😂😂 I’ll just say this 🤬🤬 lol

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