2 RHOBH Stars Say They May Not Return for Season 13

RHOBH cast

Bravo Two RHOBH stars aren't sure about their future on the show.

As season 11 of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” draws to a close, there is already a lot of chatter and speculation about who will stay on for another season.

Things didn’t end well for a few of the women, namely Lisa Rinna and Kathy Hilton, who found themselves at odds following a cast trip to Aspen, Colorado. Rinna claims that Hilton had a “meltdown” during which she talked badly about the rest of the women and threatened to take her sister, Kyle Richards, down. Hilton has denied saying such things.

The she said/she said between Hilton and Rinna caused a rift between Hilton and Richards, though the two seem to be on a path to clearer skies; they were seen together at BravoCon 2022. Regardless of how things shake out, all of the RHOBH ladies are thinking about what’s next, and both Hilton and Rinna’s futures on the show appear to be up in the air.

Here’s what you need to know:

Hilton Said She Will Not Return to the Show if the Cast Stays the Same

Hilton has been in a friend role on RHOBH for a couple of seasons now, and despite her popularity amongst fans, she isn’t quite sure if she will continue on.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Hilton made it clear that she would “absolutely not” return to the show with the cast as is.

“If it’s same exact cast? Absolutely not,” she said. “I’m just a friend, so it doesn’t matter. … I don’t ever like to say what other people should be. I just think that you need to mix things up a little bit,” she added.

If Hilton does choose to return, she will more than likely continue on in a friend role. She has been pretty candid about her decision not to hold a diamond.

“My husband is not going to be in it. My children aren’t. When you sign up for the Housewife gig, you got to let it all out and include everybody,” Hilton told Los Angeles Magazine in April 2022.

Rinna Said if She Leaves RHOBH, it Will Be a ‘Mutual Decision’

Meanwhile, several fans would like to see Rinna “fired” by Bravo, as evidenced by the cheering that erupted when someone asked Andy Cohen if Rinna could be “fired” during a panel at BravoCon 2022.

“Let’s let the reunion play out and then everyone regroups,” Cohen responded.

Rinna hasn’t made her own decision about her future on RHOBH, but she did admit that she might not return.

“Well, [a departure] may happen, but you won’t put me on pause. It would be a mutual decision,” Rinna told Us Weekly at BravoCon 2022. “You know what I mean? Like, you know, it, life happens. Whatever is meant to be, will be. And that’s how I always look at things,” she continued.

“This is a hard season. I would, I don’t feel at peace after this season whether I came back or not. You know what I’m saying? This was a very, very difficult season for everybody, but especially for me because of my mom. And I just had a really rough time, probably the roughest year of my life, you know? And that’s just the truth,” she added.

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Audrey Stewart
Audrey Stewart
1 month ago

I am officially done with the #TheFecalFecesFive aka #RHOBHMeanGirls. If Door Idiot gets ‘Put on Pause’ warn all the shelters that she will be dropping off her made for TV dog, Winnie. The one they keep locked in the basement until filming.

1 month ago

Are those Rinna’s Only Fans pictures?

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