Lisa Rinna Lashes Out: ‘Shame on Everyone’

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Lisa Rinna hit out at “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” with a message that appeared to blast producers for not putting enough focus on her mother’s death.

On July 17, the Pink Pop Box podcast posted on Instagram a photo of Rinna and her mom Lois, who died in November 2021, writing, “I’m shocked we spent 3 episodes about the word dark, but only few scenes shown on real human grief.” Rinna took to the post’s comments to write, “Thank you!!!!!”

The RHOBH star then shared the post on her Instagram Story and wrote on top of it, “I got one episode of grace. That’s it.” She also wrote, “Lois deserved and deserves much more. Shame on everyone.”

Lisa Rinna Instagram Story

InstagramLisa Rinna’s Instagram Story

Then, in another comment saved by Real Housewives Franchise Instagram account, Rinna said, “I think production featured Lois a lot over the years, actually, which is why I thought they would celebrate her life a bit more and show our family’s grieving process. We all just loved her so much and I’m grateful the show gave her a platform. She loved it and loved all of you.”

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Rinna Previously Opened Up About Her Mom’s Death & Filming RHOBH at That Time

Rinna’s mother Lois died in November 2021 at the age of 93, less than a week after the Bravolebrity shared that her mother was “transitioning” after having a stroke, People reported.

In May 2022, Rinna opened up about reliving her mother’s death on RHOBH and said she was “not looking forward” to it, “But I’m trying to accept what is,” according to her Instagram Story saved by People. “I find it so interesting that rage has been so ever present for me during this time. I wonder if any of you have felt like that during the grieving process? I am having a very hard time but I’m trying to just allow space for all of the feelings.”

However, Rinna’s recent comments about her mother’s death not receiving more time on RHOBH received a lot of criticism from fans.

Fans Were Unhappy With Rinna’s Comments & Accused Her of Using Her Mother’s Death to Gain Favor From Fans

A thread on Reddit discussing Rinna’s comments racked up over 400 comments from fans slamming the reality star for her take. One person wrote, “‘I didn’t get to milk my grief for more air time’ is one f*** of a take,” and the comment received 2,000 upvotes. Another person had a similar comment, “Only rinna would want to milk her mother’s death for tv sympathy.”

Someone else commented, “Nah Forreal. Her whole ‘my mom died’ thing is disgusting. She’s using Lois to excuse her awful behavior as a GROWN A** WOMAN.” Another person agreed, “She is so disgusting.” One Redditor wrote, “Lisa is 59. She needs to act like it. This whole ‘my mummy died I can’t be held accountable bc I am grieving’ thing is so sick. Your mother died, stop exploiting her death. Take time off the show to grieve instead of supposedly lashing out due to grief.”

One person wondered, “what else could have been said or done.” Someone else said, “your mom doesn’t deserve everyone falling over themselves with grief because your elderly mother passed as a story line. Lois was cool as hell, but we aren’t going to spend half a season mourning her death.” Someone else said, “As someone who lost a parent this year — She is an actual psychopath and is just trying to deflect from her own behavior. She’s GROSS.” Another person wrote, “Shame on everyone? We didn’t edit the episodes ??” Someone asked, “Why is she posting this? This is weird. It feels like she is trying to monopolize her mom’s death to gain favor on the show.”

Many fans commented on Rinna’s behavior toward former co-star Lisa Vanderpump after Vanderpump’s brother died by suicide, with one person writing, “I was going to say, where was that grace for Vanderpump???” Someone else said, “no one deserves a reality tv episode… also like where was this grace for LVP and her brother?” Another person wrote, “Exactly!! She not only showed no grace to lvp but went out of her way to be horrible to lvp while she was deeply grieving.”

Someone commented, “The show is about the Housewives not their extended family so while yes they acknowledge it happening the whole season can’t be about it… Kinda gross she’s mad the show didn’t have a bigger storyline for her about it.” Another person wrote, “Why are we talking about what Lois ‘deserves’ or deserved? … They’ve aired several sweet scenes of Lisa and the cast talking about Lois. Lisa seems to want a flashing MY MOM HAS DIED disclaimer underneath every scene of her being an a**wipe.”

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E Fabry
E Fabry
2 months ago

Shame on Lisa Rinna for trying to capitalize on her mother’s death. Her rock bottom is bottomless.

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