RHOBH Star Says She Is ‘So Polarizing’ Because of Her Honesty


“Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Lisa Rinna joined the show’s cast during its fifth season, which premiered in 2014. During a May 2022 interview with Newsweek, the reality television personality discussed her time on the show. She asserted that Bravo fans only see certain aspects of her personality in the series. The 58-year-old explained that the show showcases her responding to situations specific to reality television. 

“The show does show you a side of me that isn’t really the side of me that everybody lives with on a daily basis. I’m more fun. I’m calmer. I think the skew happens for the fan base as they think I’m much more angry and mean than I really am in life. I’m just reacting off of what I’m being thrown on the show,” said Rinna. 

She addressed that some “RHOBH” viewers are not fans of her. She explained that she believes people have issues with her because of her honesty. 

“I’ll tell you what, no one’s more heated than someone who’s honest. The truth is a tough pill for people to take. I’m honest and people would prefer me not to be and I’d be liked a lot more, but that’s not what you’re ever going to get. What you see is what you get with me,” asserted the reality television star. “Most people don’t like that because they don’t want to know the truth. I think, in a nutshell, that’s why I’m so polarizing on the show. You either love me or you hate me. There’s really no in between. I’m okay with that.” 

Lisa Rinna Revealed Harry Hamlin Did Not Believe She Should Be on ‘RHOBH’

While speaking to Newsweek, Rinna revealed that her husband, Harry Hamlin, did not believe joining the “RHOBH” cast was in her best interest. 

“He was like, ‘I don’t understand this. I don’t think it’s a good idea in any way, shape, or form,’” recalled Rinna. 

The mother of two shared that she had similar sentiments about being on reality television. She then revealed that she decided to become a Bravo star to help revitalize her career.  

Lisa Rinna & Harry Hamlin Discussed Their Relationship 

During a joint People magazine interview in February 2022, Rinna and Hamlin discussed being married for 25 years. Rinna shared that she and her husband “have nothing in common,” besides their demeanor. 

“I think we are both kind people, kind-hearted and kind but we have nothing in common. Zero,” said the Bravo personality. 

Hamlin agreed with his wife’s assessment and explained Rinna does not share his love for the great outdoors. 

“I like to shop, stay at the Four Seasons,” chimed in Rinna. 

Hamlin spoke about his relationship with Rinna while being interviewed by Bravo producer Andy Cohen in March 2022 for Interview magazine. Cohen commented that he believed Rinna and Hamlin looked similar in “older pictures.” 

“Was that something that attracted the two of you to each other?” asked the “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” host. 

Hamlin shared that he did not “think [he and Rinna] look that much alike.” 

“I thought she was a gorgeous woman, and presumably she thought I was a handsome guy. So we got together. That’s how that works, usually,” said the actor. 

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