Lisa Rinna’s Cryptic Instagram Posts Are About Kathy Hilton: Source

Getty Images Is something going on between Lisa Rinna and Kathy Hilton on RHOBH?

Lisa Rinna posted a series of cryptic messages to her Instagram Stories, and “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” fans are wondering what’s going on.

Rinna’s posts are definitely causing a stir, and it sounds like there’s some major drama going down on the new season of the show, which is currently being filmed.

“You can try and stop me or try and keep me quiet, but the truth is the truth. And it always comes out,” read one of Rinna’s posts. “Silence is not golden,” read another. “Oh damn are we back to cease and desist? Ooof,” she wrote in a third post.

Here’s what you need to know:

Hilton Is ‘Refusing to Film’

According to #NoFilter podcast host Zack Peter, Rinna’s posts are about Kathy Hilton and are “likely in relation to her Aspen meltdown.” Several media outlets have reported that something went down during the RHOBH cast trip to Colorado, and Hilton actually texted her husband to help her get home.

“Please call me I need to get out of here now!!!!!” a text message read, according to E! News. Hilton explained the mysterious text during an interview with the outlet. “I lost my phone, which I do. I was left in the house by myself at one point. And it was about 3:00 in the morning. My husband puts his phone in his office, and I know at about midnight he’s on his iPad, and he’ll be scrolling through,” she said.

“I knew I’d catch him by saying, ‘Call me, get me out of here,’ because I did have my iPad, 10 percent left, no charger. And I started getting scared, hearing all the noises. I didn’t know what to do,” she added. She went on to deny reports that she was “screaming and throwing things.”

But is there more to it?

Peter revealed that Hilton didn’t show up to a scheduled filming. “Kathy’s allegedly trying to regain control of her image on RHOBH, and did not show up for filming yesterday, as scheduled,” he captioned an Instagram post.

The ‘Cease and Desist’ May Not Have Been for Rinna

Although it seems as though Rinna is suggesting that she received a cease and desist, that may not be what’s actually going on. According to Peter, the cease and desists have been sent to media outlets trying to “run the story.”

The story that is being referred to is Hilton’s rumored “meltdown.” It sounds like there may be more to the story that Hilton doesn’t want getting out — if Rinna’s Instagram Stories are indeed about what went down during that cast trip.

Peter also revealed that the current season of the show is set to wrap filming the week of February 11, 2022.

Hilton was a late addition to the new season of RHOBH. According to Entertainment Tonight, she inked a deal to return to the franchise as a “friend of” in December — weeks after filming had started.

Some fans took to Reddit to share their thoughts on what’s to come when the new season is released on Bravo later this year.

“Can we pls talk about how this next season of Beverly Hills may be leading to one of the juiciest and most drama filled in awhile??” one person wrote, kicking off a new thread.

“So I’ve had a theory that Kathy came on the show to win the audience over and then use her power as the fan fave to take Rinna down as payback for Kim and literally nothing has proven me otherwise,” added another.

“I think our theories are going to be much juicier than what we get,” a third person countered.

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Pat Watkins
Pat Watkins
4 months ago

Hey Lisa, you better watch what you say. This lady don’t play games like her sister.

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