Lisa Rinna Thinks Being the RHOBH Villain ‘Paid Off’

Lisa Rinna

Getty Lisa Rinna says being a villain paid off for her.

Lisa Rinna was one of many “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” villains this season and she thinks that label works for her.

On September 13, Interview Magazine released an interview with Rinna after she walked in the Priscavera SS23 runway show. The interview, done with Harry Hamlin and a shot of tequila focused on the runway show and a few tidbits from RHOBH.

Here’s what you need to know:

Lisa Rinna Teases RHOBH Future & Says Being the Villain Has ‘Paid off’ for Her

While talking to Rinna about fashion, the interviewer asked, “So you think being the villain paid off because you are the only person on the show I’ve seen walking this fashion week?”

Rinna simply said, “What do you think? Yes.”

She was also asked if she’d be returning to the show for another season.

“We’ll see,” she told the outlet. “What does Diana say? ‘So you say.’ I don’t know. We’ll see.

Rinna Reveals the One Thing She’ll Never Wear: ‘I Mean, There Comes a Point Where You Just Don’t’

According to Rinna, she’s too old to wear midriffs now.

“I wouldn’t do the midriffs,” she told Interview Magazine. “I would have my daughters do the midriffs. I mean, there comes a point where you just don’t. At my age, you don’t do midriffs. You can wear a bathing suit but you can’t do midriffs.”

The interviewer asked Rinna what she does to relax ahead of a high-profile runway show.

“Well, I’ll tell you what, it’s not easy,” she told the outlet. “But there’s so much waiting around that I stood against this wall for an hour, at least. And I stood between great models who gave me advice without me even having to beg for it. Luke, who was in front of me, who was a valet a year ago. His first show was Gucci in Hollywood and now he’s with IMG and walking everything.”

She was then asked if she’d taken an edible before walking.

“No edible, but I wish I had one,” she told the outlet. “We told some stories. I said that I’m going to act as if I had a shot of tequila, but I didn’t. I wish I would have, but I had to just go with it.”

She continued explaining her mindset on the catwalk.

“I just think that at this point, at my age, you just have to f****** do it and be yourself,” she told the outlet. “This guy who works for Vogue, Mexico, came up to me and his wife’s a big fan. So he is like, ‘Will you say hi to my wife and everything.’ I said, ‘Yes.’ He helped me the most. Want to know why? Because he took a photo of me during rehearsal. He said, ‘Everything’s good but you need to relax your face. You look stressed.’ So I was very conscious of my body. You’re holding your gut in, There’s all this stuff. He goes, ‘Relax your face.’ So when I finally did it, I think it was very helpful.”

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