Rep: New Lisa Rinna Rumors ‘Not True’

Lisa Rinna

Bravo Lisa Rinna's rep denies rumors she was meant to have a Christmas special.

The rep for “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Lisa Rinna has denied the new rumors which have surfaced.

Here’s what you need to know:

Lisa Rinna’s Rep Denies Rumors That a Christmas Special Was Axed Sue to ‘Social Media Antics’

A rumor about a potential Christmas special for Rinna getting spoiled is the current topic of discussion.

“Word on the curb is that Rinna was supposed to get a Christmas special on Peacock …like Kyle did last year with(The Housewives of the North Pole movie),” someone wrote in a private Bravo Facebook group. “The special/movie was in the development stages, however, it was completely scrapped a couple of weeks ago (most likely due to Rinna’s social media behavior). This is part of the reason Rinna spirals and removed RHOBH from her social media pages. And, it gets even better. Peacock is still planning on making a family movie and guess who the new star of the movie will be? That’s right … Garcelle.”

Those rumors, according to her rep, are unfounded.

“None of this is true,” Rinna’s rep told Heavy.

Heavy reached out to Garcelle Beauvais’s rep for comment but has not received a response yet. 

Fans Think Garcelle Beauvais Being Cast in Rumored Holiday Special Cancelation Is ‘KARMA’

Fans have long since been criticizing Rinna for her social media behavior and, even if the story turns out to be unfounded, found momentary some joy in thinking that Rinna might finally be seeing consequences for her actions.

“if this is true…all I can say is KARMA can be a b****,” someone wrote. “Most certainly! No one deserves it more than Rinna,” another fan said. 

“Can you imagine being in the room with her when she found out? I would’ve paid to see Rinna’s reaction,” a fan wrote.

Another fan replied, “At least she provided us a small window to view her meltdown via her social media!”

“Karma’s only a b**** if you are!” a fan said.

“She is shaking RN if true,” someone wrote. 

“I will watch a Garcelle movie! I stopped watching RHOBH because of Rinna, Kyle and Erika. I saw one Diana episode and that sealed the deal with me never watching again,” a fan wrote. “I keep checking in here. If they all get fired I will be back.”

Rinna & Harry Hamlin Celebrated 25 Years of Marriage: ‘We Have a Very Functional Relationship, & We Respect Each Other’

On August 25, Rinna shared a flashback photo of her wedding to Harry Hamlin on their 25th wedding anniversary.

“#tbt 25 years ago. My Hero,” she wrote with a heart emoji.

“Lisa and I are of the same mind,” Hamlin Us Weekly, according to FOX News. “When you get married, you get married. So we have a very functional relationship, and we respect each other and listen to each other and admire each other, and we let each other be. We’re not helicopter husband and wife.”

Hamlin went on to say, “I have no idea why opposites attract, but we are completely and utterly opposite,” he further explained. “But I love to cook, and she doesn’t, so we all get fed up as a result of that. I have no interest in pop culture and she does so whatever I know about pop culture I get from her.”

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