Lisa Rinna Looks ‘Unrecognizable’ in High School Photo

Lisa Rinna

Peacock Lisa Rinna

Lisa Rinna, known for her signature short hair, has appeared on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” since its fourth season. On April 27, a Reddit user shared pictures of several Bravo stars, including Rinna and her husband, Harry Hamlin, when they were in high school on the Bravo Real Housewives subreddit. Rinna’s black-and-white yearbook photo showed her with dark hair that went past her shoulders and thicker eyebrows. 

Quite a few Reddit users shared that they did not recognize the “RHOBH” star in the photo. 

“Lisa Rinna looks a a [sic] totally different person,” wrote a commenter

“I examined this photo and could not find anything that resembles her as an adult. The closest I got was her bottom lip 👄,” added another

“lisa rinna is unrecognizable to me. she looked so different and like whole and beautiful,” shared a different person

“Lisa Rinna was the most unrecognizable!” asserted a Bravo fan

“Lisa Rinna: Voted most likely to have a face transplant,” commented a Reddit user.

“That Lisa Rinna picture looks nothing like her!” chimed in a sixth commenter

Lisa Rinna Has Been Married to Harry Hamlin For 25 Years

Rinna has been married to Hamlin for 25 years. During a joint February 2022 interview with People magazine, the couple discussed their relationship. They shared they were first introduced at a restaurant when Hamlin was still married to his second wife, Nicollette Sheridan. A few months after meeting, the “Mad Men” actor invited his now-wife to spend time with him in Aspen. However, she declined the invitation. 

“I said no to Aspen and he called me everyday for two weeks during Christmas during the Aspen time and I got to know him and started talking to him and I thought he’s really nice. He’s very smart, he’s very intellectual, I started really liking him just by talking to him,” said Rinna. 

According to the couple, their first date was at an Italian restaurant, where a waiter noticed that they had chemistry. 

“He said, ‘oh you two you are love birds, you are soulmates,’ he said the whole evening, ‘you two are going to get married, you’re going to have kids,’ and this is our first date, the waiter is telling us all this stuff and we’re going wait a minute,” recalled Hamlin. 

Lisa Rinna Spoke About Her Daughters’ Competitiveness in December 2021

Rinna and Hamlin have two daughters, Amelia Gray Hamlin, 20, and Delilah Belle Hamlin, 23, who are both models. During a December 2021 appearance on “The Real,” Rinna revealed that her daughters are competitive with each other. 

“I think it’s tough sometimes and I try to say, ‘listen guys, there’s plenty to go around. This is your time right now, but your time is coming’ and they are pretty good about it but there are times when they are flat out jealous of each other. Just mad that this one got this job and this one didn’t, so we just deal with it,” stated the reality television personality. 

She also explained that she did not have a sense of competitiveness with her sister, Nancy Rinna, as she is 12 years older than her. 

“I grew up as an only child even though I had a 12 year older sister, I grew up in the house by myself, so it’s different but I see it with my girls,” stated the Bravo personality. 

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