Lisa Vanderpump Admits She Shouldn’t Have Tweeted About Lisa Rinna

Lisa Vanderpump Lisa Rinna

Getty Lisa Vanderpump poses with Lisa Rinna.

Lisa Vanderpump spoke out about her reaction to Lisa Rinna’s announcement that she was leaving Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” after eight seasons.

In a February 2023 interview with Extra, the former RHOBH star acknowledged a viral tweet she posted just after Rinna’s exit announcement and admitted she should have held back on her two-word commentary.

“I did tweet ‘Ding dong’!” Vanderpump said. “I heard she got booed at BravoCon, so I don’t know whose choice it was, really. I try not to get involved in it. I shouldn’t have tweeted ‘Ding dong,’ but I did. There’s a lot of things I shouldn’t do but I’ve done.”

Lisa Vanderpump Ran Into Lisa Rinna Days After She Tweeted ‘Ding Dong’

Lisa Rinna

GettyLisa Rinna and Lisa Vanderpump in 2013

After Rinna announced her exit from the Bravo reality show in January 2023, Vanderpump reacted with a not-so-cryptic tweet that simply said “Ding dong.” The tweet appeared to compare Rinna to the demise of the wicked witch in the classic movie “The Wizard of Oz.”

Vanderpump received a mixed reaction to her tweet. While anti-Rinna followers showed her support, others were put off by it.

Former RHOBH co-star Teddi Mellencamp blasted Vanderpump on an episode of her “Two Ts in a Pod” podcast at the time, telling co-host Tamra Judge, “What really pissed me off more than anything …. was this tweet. First off, that’s what everybody said when she (Vanderpump) was gone. And the reason she doesn’t have any actual real friendships that can be sustained is because she cares more about ‘likes’ on Twitter than she does about people.”

In the ET interview, Vanderpump revealed two days after she posted the “Ding dong” tweet, she ran into Rinna in Paris, but they ignored one another.

“There’s nothing to discuss,” Vanderpump explained. “She didn’t treat me well on the show and we were old friends, but I think she had that problem with a couple of other people as well.”

Lisa Rinna Says She Has ‘Zero’ Relationship With Lisa Vanderpump

There is no love lost between the Lisas. In a tell-all with Interview magazine published just after her RHOBH exit, Rinna blasted the way Vanderpump announced her own exit from the show nearly four years ago.

“What a p****,“ Rinna said of Vanderpump. “She didn’t show up to the reunion, boo-hoo. She caused herself much more [trouble] than needed, if you ask me.”

In the interview, Rinna revealed that when they were on RHOBH together, she always played “a really great cat and mouse game“with Vanderpump, until she began to feel like she was being used to do the SUR owner’s dirty work.

“We were really great together,” Rinna said of her and Vanderpump. “And then once I really got caught onto what she does, I wasn’t having it. You don’t get to not have your hands dirty. I really saw what she was doing and she liked that.”

She also confirmed that she has no relationship with Vanderpump at all.

“There’s zero there,” Rinna said. “There’s zippo, zip, zilch.”

Rinna also addressed Vanderpump posting the phrase “Ding Dong” to Twitter, and her response was in line with Mellencamp’s. “Well, that’s what everybody said when she left the show,” Rinna said of Vanderpump’s ‘Ding Dong” post.

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