Lisa Vanderpump Reveals Which Real Housewife Is Banned From Her Restaurants

Getty Lisa Vanderpump at Pump

Lisa Vanderpump isn’t one to keep her thoughts to herself. The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star may no longer be a Housewife, but she isn’t totally done with reality tv. Vanderpump now has her own reality show called Overserved With Lisa Vanderpump.

Vanderpump and her family host celebrity guests for a once in a lifetime dinner party extravaganza. On the latest episode, Vanderpump hosted Tori Spelling and Jeff Lewis. After a few round of drinks, the group decided to play a version of truth or dare, but if the person refuses to answer a question, they have to eat a spicy pepper.

When it was Spelling’s turn, she asked Vanderpump had banned any celebrities from her Los Angeles hotspot restaurants. Vanderpump then revealed, “a Real Housewife.” A stunned Spelling then guessed which Real Housewife it was, replying, “Which one? Is it Kelly Dodd?”

Dodd has starred on the Real Housewives of Orange County since season 11 in 2016. Vanderpump added, “Yeah, she kinda came into Pump and didn’t pay a bill…[she’s] not royalty like you,” joking with Lewis.

The RHOC star is no stranger to controversy, as she has been called out many times for problematic comments and behavior. But Andy Cohen has since come to Dodd’s defense. “Here’s the thing: Kelly Dodd is from Orange County, where a lot of people share her beliefs in masks and other things,” he said on an episode of Bitch Sesh podcast earlier this month.

Cohen continued saying, “On the one hand, she is a Real Housewife of Orange County and this is what she believes and she’s not an elected official. She’s not Michelle Obama who we are looking at for this information. That’s just an amalgamation of thoughts that lead in no directions.”

Lewis Also Spilled Some Juicy Bravo Secrets

Spelling and Lewis also weren’t afraid to spill some tea. Vanderpump asked Flipping Out’s Lewis to reveal if he’s ever hooked up with anyone famous.

“I’ve kissed Andy Cohen,” Lewis confessed with the group. He added that the two did not have sex, but he did refer to it as a “makeout.” Right before the episode aired, Vanderpump appeared on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen where she asked him about the kiss.

Cohen noted that the two did briefly kiss once during an old WWHL episode, but it was more of a joke kiss. Vanderpump quickly called him out for it, noting that Lewis mentioned the two were drunk and out. The Bravo host then confessed that there was another time they kissed, but he described it as more of a lingering kiss than a, “makeout.”

Spelling Admitted Who She Should Have Hooked Up With

Spelling also partook in the fun gossip session. “Which celebrity should you have slept with that you didn’t?” Vanderpump asked her.

“Ryan Seacrest,” Spelling quickly replied. “It was when he first started. I didn’t know, I was on ‘90210’ and I was like, ‘Oh, whatever.’ I would’ve been dating up!”

She added, “I could be a Kardashian right now,” referring to Seacrest’s role in producing the hit series Keeping Up With the Kardashians and its spinoffs.

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